February 8, 2009, 11:56 pm
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Another Los Campesinos! space on the internet may seem a little unnecessary at the moment, but I have plans and think this can be worthwhile.

What I would like to achieve with this:

  • Frequent blog, regularly updated, with News And Crap.
  • Interaction – If you have a question about Los Campesinos!, however trivial you can ask it of us here. Totally ripping off the Belle And Sebastian website idea, but it’s a good idea, so y’know. Email:
  • Also, FAQ page, so we can act even more indignant when asked “so, why ‘Los Campesinos!’…”.
  • Eventually it will hold very detailed Discography, Gigography, Merchography and Lyricsogrophy pages. Once I work out how to host this site somewhere properly.

I hope that this sounds at all worthwhile to you. We’ll see how it goes.

Gareth xo


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I can barely contain my excitement. Now we’ll never run out of things to do on the internet again…

Comment by Leks

never run out of things to do on the internet again? you guys will never come outside now! we want more musics :[.

Comment by will

you guys are freakin awesome

Comment by Kyle

Nice to see my favourite band of the last few years acknowledge ripping off my favourite band of all time. It’s like everything fitting together after a dramatic scene in Lost.

Incidentally, I was trying to find something last night and found a blurry photo from Leeds Festival. Gareth’s wolf t shirt included. Happy times.

Comment by Rob


Comment by rp!

hey! i love the belle and sebastian FAQ, so good that you guys are doing a similar thing. are you b&s fans? i LOVE them. 🙂

Comment by hattie x


Comment by heyyosquareeyes

This just made my day.

You guys are freakin’ awesome indeed.

Comment by Kaitrin

Sounds good 🙂

Comment by Yuebi Yang

This is a marvelous idea. I have a few silly little questions I’d love to ask. Cheers! xo

Comment by Chase

Wow, I wouldn’t question another site about Los Campesinos!. I have extreme respect for you visiting Grand Rapids, some town in MI to play. And played a great set. But I would love to see some more interactive approaches to bands including live feeds of tour ideas, songs and after-party ideas.

Anywho, I would be curious to learn the process of how a song structure is develop between you, the singer, and the side girl singers. Cuz, forgive me for not knowing the names, but one of the girl singers seems to hold the majority of meaning in the lyrics. And, I don’t know, it that really is the case or not.

Comment by Robert Huston

Leks, read that quick and thought it said excrement. Decidedly gross.

Comment by geeini

That ketchup’ll get you every time…

Comment by Jessie

That’s not ketchup that’s clamato juice from Scottsdale

per say

thanks guys. i already felt like a creep about obsessing about you guys and now i have this.

i will be seeing you kids April 12 in Portland and
April 15 in San Francisco

we will dance our socks off

hopefully we will find them afterward

Comment by Vanessa O

There can never be too many LC! spaces on the interwebs. Never, I say!

Comment by Scrag41

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