As Heard On Tour # 1 by Gareth
March 31, 2009, 2:51 am
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A new series where I publish quotes uttered on tour, taken completely out of context and don’t attribute them to anyone, taking the huge private joke that is this blog, perhaps TOO far:

“I had a wank in the back of a taxi once”


Food review – Philadelphia 29/3/09 by Ollie
March 30, 2009, 11:20 pm
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So as I put out a request for dinner suggestions, I thought it best to review the dinners that I had.

So in Philadelphia I went to a fine place called Chickpea. I’ll apologise to Rachel and Brendon who recommended places.  Gareth saw Horizon and said it was pretty expensive and us being a poor band…  The other suggestion was a place called Maoz which did indeed look very tasty but Gareth found Chickpea, and it was on his recommendation that I went and, I happened to find him in there enjoying a Falafel pita.

I decided to have a Falafel platter, which comprised Falafel, salad, hummus, pita (white or wholewheat) and either rice or fries.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any rice so I had to have fries which, I didn’t particular want, but they were still very nice nonetheless.  The Falafels were nice and fresh, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The hummus was very smooth with a little bit of oil to make it easier to spread as well.  The salad was in my opinion the best bit, amongst the standard veg of cucumber and tomato I found beetroot and radish; two of my favourite salad vegetables.  They are both highly under rated and should be used a lot more.

It was a very tasty meal and there was stacks of it.  And the price $9.89 including a can of Fanta!  In these hard times you can’t argue with that.

Log on for tomorrows review of dinner in Burlington, Vermont.

Philadelphia 29/3 by Gareth
March 30, 2009, 7:59 pm
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Day One off tour…jesus christ, i wrote “off” instead of “of”…things have got this bad already?
Anyway, we woke in New Jersey. I don’t understand why we stayed in NJ, the day before and of the Philly show. It meant two pretty long journeys, desperate to pee, but WHO AM I to question the judgement of a tour manager. Especially one so fine as Joe Puleo. Actually, come to think of it, I think he insinuated we’d get robbed if we stayed nearer to the gig, or something like that.

Some Notes:

  • Previous Philadelphia experiences of ours had been quite lame. One show at an awful club where we got our spare tyre stolen (fair enough Joe), and another at Johnny Brendas, which was an okay, if uneventful, show, but sadly in an area where there was not a lot to do. Fishtown?
  • South Street was really cool.
  • Great falafel from some place called ‘Chickpeas’. Turned on the old English charm and got some free fries given to us. Never seems to fail (even if it’s never intended).
  • Repo records was really cool. First time I went in they were playing Swans, and then the Fever Ray album. I got the Mi Ami record, which I have yet to listen to, but the stuff I’ve heard on their myspace is rad. They’re touring the UK soon, and OBVIOUSLY we’re away on tour ourselves so have to miss it. Sob.
  • Best of all in this store…I found an illegal Los Campesinos! bootleg DVD. I think this means we’ve made it. It was a (n actually very good recording) of our show in the little room at Amsterdam Paradiso last year, ingeniously entitled “Knee Deep In Amsterdam”. I need to get a camera so I can capture these incredible moments.
  • We finally got to play with Ponytail. We’ve been trying to do a show with them for a long time, and it often seems the best way to see a band you want to see is to work out playing a show with them. They were really lovely, friendly guys and their show was awesome. So tight, and intricate and fun.
  • Also, we met up with Sky Larkin for what Katie informs me is our 4th tour together. Two UK, one mainland Europe, and now the US of A. We played, like, our 8th ever show with Sky Larkin. In Bradford. It’s so great that we’ve journeyed through this so-called Music Biz together, BFFs.
  • Speaking of which, Patrick and Ian G of Titus Andronicus made the trip to see us. They say they’re touring the UK again soon, and I THINK we’re even gonna be home to see it, so they’re totally coming to stay with me at my Mum’s house. Party times.
  • Two beautiful people brought us food. Young Griffin brought us oatmeal cookies and a blueberry cake that I’ve not allowed anybody to eat yet, because it’s too pretty to spoil (and I want it to myself) and a really cute girl who brought us animal-free Pumpkin cookies. I think we have the nicest fans in the world.
  • FINALLY…I think I’m gonna try to not get drunk for a week. I feel pretttttty rough today and if I was less wasted I might have more interesting things to talk about. We’ll see…

March 28, 2009, 6:55 pm
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Today is our last day at Stamford, and subsequently the last day of the first session of recording, before we head out on tour.
Downstairs, John’s doing rough mixes of a couple of tracks that are entirely finished. Or nearly entirely finished. This is going to be the first Los Campesinos! release with non-Campesinos! folk playing on it. So, when we resume recording in Seattle we’re hooking up with some other musicians, to add extra little flourishes. This is equal parts exciting and scary, I think, as we’re always wary of exposing our deficiencies and limits to ‘outsiders’. PLUS they’re exciting people that I’m keen to meet, let alone play with.</deliberately vague>

In preparation for our leaving I endeavoured to eat all my left-over soy ice cream yesterday evening. And failed.

Neil’s been saying sad farewells to Hopscotch, and making sure she knows how much we love her.

Right now, I’m sat streaming the England v Slovakia match on the internet, and debating whether I’m gonna be motivated enough to walk to LAYLA’S FALAFEL for lunch. It’s delicious. I should.

on Wednesday we play at Toronto’s ‘Opera House’. Does anybody know of a bar nearby which is likely to be showing the England World Cup Qualifying ‘Soccer’ Match? THANKS GUYS.

Food Glorious Food! by Ollie
March 27, 2009, 9:57 pm
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So we start our tour on sunday.  An important factor in having an enjoyable tour is food!  We like having nice dinners before shows, it makes us happy.

So we have a request.  Can people send us suggestions of where to eat.  It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as its good!  And if it serves vegan food as well, even better!  The close to the venue the better, we’re pretty lazy.

Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia

Higher Ground – Burlington

La Sala Rosa – Montreal

Opera House – Toronto

Magic Stick – Detroit

Turner Hall – Milwaukee

Fine Line Cafe – Minneapolis

Waiting Room – Omaha

Bluebird Theatre – Denver

Neumo’s – Seattle

Richard’s on Richards – Vancouver

Wonder Ballroom – Portland

Harlow’s – Sacremento

Slim’s – San Francisco

Detroit Bar – Costa Mesa

Thank you very much.  We’ll review the suggestions. x

P.S. If we had our own cooking show it would nearly be as good as this…

Never mind Dolittle… by Gareth
March 27, 2009, 1:43 am
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We just found out, Mike Myers recorded his lines for Shrek 2 here. JC!

2,722 blog views in one day. by Gareth
March 27, 2009, 12:54 am
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