Cover Songs by Suggs that are Better than the Original #1 by Gareth
March 12, 2009, 8:38 pm
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One of my favourite things to discuss, absolutely, is the singles career of Suggs. For those of you not in the know, Suggs was the lead singer of late-70s ska revivalists Madness, or more famously the presenter of channel Five’s flagship Saturday night entertainment program ‘Night Fever’.

Now his solo output, singles speaking, was absolutely flawless. Myself and Tom were having a chat about this recently, and I started singing “I’m Only Sleeping”, when he informed me THIS IS NOT A SUGGS ORIGINAL. Apparently it’s by The Beatles. Those bloody Beatles again.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are the two versions of the song. Suggs version is so much better. It leaves me saying “YES SUGGS, I WILL LET YOU HAVE A LIE IN, AND THEN I WILL BRING YOU BREAKFAST IN BED. WEETABIX!?”.

The Beatles:

Pretty emphatic that.


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Blasphemy. Absolute blasphemy. One of my fav Beatles songs ever. Who the fuck is this Suggs and who raised you in a household without the Revolver record??

Comment by Jessie

i’d trust fish fingers from that man any day

Comment by bobby dazzler

Yo Gareth,

totally bizarely i had ‘I’m only sleeping’ going round in my head earlier today (first time ive thought of it in years…one of those totally inexplicable things)…then i find out you guys have this blog (procratination from the ol’ masters led me to it) and what should i find…

coincidences like this scare me quite a lot

anyway, more significantly, i had never ever heard the suggs version, i feel somewhat enlightened, so thanks

hope tour is good and all that

Sammy x

Comment by Sam

First, Suggs, whoever the hell that is, can never compare to the Beatles in ANY way.

Second, I love LC!

Comment by Zach

Suggs also did an AWESOME Moz cover

i can’t wait to play/hang out with you guys here in Venezuela. I wanna take you guys to eat in some special places here in my city for you to blog about it 🙂 i talked to Harriet & Aleksandra in the Mexico City show about the food here you have to taste!
take care and see you guys like in 2 weeks


Comment by IL

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