How Vaseline Slows Down the Aging Process by Ellen
March 15, 2009, 3:19 am
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I can’t believe I am nearly about to turn 24 and I find myself looking at a list of useful things to do with vaseline. Is this what it is to be growing old? Finding domesticated uses for petroleum jelly? It’s not like I even currently have an excess of it anyway, in fact I can probably think of more things to that don’t involve vaseline.

Just in case you wondered, my favourite tip is

  1. Add a bit of salt to the Vaseline and exfoliate your hands. They’ll feel softer for days to come.

That will help with the withered things I will find on the end of my wrists in about forty minutes.


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i’ve known of people using it on hinges, like wd-40. similarly, it could probably come in handy if you were to cross the path of any tin men.

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this can be the only reply:

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