Calculations by Ellen
March 16, 2009, 9:13 pm
Filed under: CHAFF

In the past four weeks I have watched three and a half series of Battlestar Galactica.

Thats 53 episodes.

Thats about 40 hours.

Thats 2400 seconds.

Thats a whole work week for some people.

Some people would have written a novel in that time.

Knitted 12 hats.

60 fun runs were done.

Eloborate dinner parties for productive familys were prepared

I watched one TV series.

I haven’t even finished it yet.

Just in case you wondered if you were a loser.


I hope this makes you feel better about yourself.


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Thats actually 144,000 seconds

Comment by roro

12 hats thats awesome can i have one you should make some los camp ones and maybe los camp tea cozies as they would be awesome!!!!

Comment by Thom

That would make me feel better if I didn’t have plans to watch all 3 seasons of Arrested Development AND rewatch the entirety of Twin Peaks all within two weeks. School holidays are a wonderful, slovenly time.

Comment by Laurence

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