Question re: super powers. by Gareth
March 16, 2009, 9:56 pm
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When I walk into a room I can tell if a TV is on standby. And I don’t mean I can see the little red light is on, but I can SENSE it. Like, through my skin or something.

Is this usual? Is it a super power?


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i know what you mean. you can sort of feel it… i imagine it’s what spider-man’s spider-sense is like. it’s totally a super power. well, it’s at least a power. i suppose it depends on your standard for “super”.

Comment by rp!

My feet go tingly when my phone is just about to vibrate so I am of the inclination that it is a superpower. There should be a club for people with electronic-related superpowers.

Comment by Charlotte

dude it makes a noise. it’s quiet but audible. and it’s really irritating. the screen is lighter too.

Comment by dangerjarvis

Yeah, it means you still have good hearing Gareth. It’d be the horizontal oscillators of old tube televisions. Humming away at about 15khz. /nerd post

Comment by rob


Comment by Gareth

maybe it’s all the essence from the tv people escaping into the air. you’re not choosing to see them because you haven’t picked a channel or a movie but because the tv is on the sneaky little bastards are still getting through and tormenting us. although I too get that sensation and I have always wanted a super power so perhaps we should stick with your original theory. we should all work on expanding that power and see where it takes us, yes? xo chase

Comment by chase

super power like my ability when to sense that pasta is done super powers full stop!!!!!!!!
xoxo Gossip Girl whoops I mean Thom

Comment by Thom

Don’t pay attention to the unbelievers – I know what you mean and it IS absolutely a super power. How many occasions have I almost been out the door when – wait! the TV hasn’t been shut off! Seeing the blank screen is rewarding (you know, thus acknowledging my super senses) and slightly discomforting (how did I know that!?).
C’mon, there’s no way my hearing is that good that I’d hear the slight hum of my old TV. I’ve been to many shows without earplugs..the only buzz I may hear is that of the onset of tinnitus.

Comment by JDCPI

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