Ellen’s Birthday by Gareth
March 17, 2009, 12:48 am
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Yesterday was a Campesinos! birthday. Always a special occasion. We somehow managed to keep Ellen out of the house all day and Harriet, Aleks and Ollie prepared her a beautiful spread of typical British school-age party food, plus Olives and Flumps. I took a trip to the party store with the instruction of purchasing a banner, hats and things that you blow causing them to make that sort of rasping noise. I failed miserably, somehow managing to purchase mute mouth pieces and cones that were a wall decoration, not hats. Useless. Look at how awesome that banner is though.

In the evening we played Trivial Pursuit (because there ain’t no party like a Campesino! party). Board games are always a massive anti-climax. It ended with the others encouraging me to cheat so we could put an end to our miserable idiocy. I sealed the deal by answering a question with the name of the only Israeli I know who isn’t a footballer.

Ellen’s 24 now, and her presence is like a constant reminder of mortality. Seriously, just since yesterday she looks hugely more haggered. It’s like I’m starring in a reworking of The Picture Of Dorian Gray and she is my portrait. (ONLY JOKING ELLEN, LU)


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A very happy birthday to you, Ellen. While old, you’re still closer to 20 than 30. I would give it another year before you start planning your retirement and yelling at kids who stray onto your lawn.

Comment by Alison

Happy birthday Ellen for yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There better had been party rings cause it wouldn’t be a real party without them!!!!

Comment by Thom

Happy Birthday Ellen. Can’t wait to meet you in Montreal on March 31.

Comment by Domenic

Ellen, I’m loving your boots! Are they DMs or something else? I’d like some x

Comment by Amy

Hello, my boots (my pride and joy, i think I must wear them at least every day, if not twice a day) sadly they are not dm, and are from Japan from a little boutique type place x

Comment by Ellen

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