Kermode Settles the Pirates Argument by Ellen
March 17, 2009, 8:31 pm
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Mark Kermode is a national treasure, and I would like him to be my dad/uncle/bessie mate. Sadly this is not yet scientifically possible or plausible so I will have to settle on watching old clips of him ranting on You tube and pretending we are BBF.  Whilst I do that I thought I would present you with my favorite Kermodian moment (there is a lot to choose from), an epic moan about the atrocious and brain melting “Pirates of The Caribbean 3.” It is truly inspired and although in recent times we have not seen eye to eye ( Slumdog Millionaire may be a fable, but that doesnt make it a good or interesting one) I will always have the upmost respect for him and his hair.

My dream is to be in the list of people he say’s hello to at the beginning of his 5 live show, currently he acknowledges Charlotte from The Subways and we are both naturally blonde bassists so it’s not that much of a step.

Anyway, enjoy Ex


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He does have a massive face though.

Comment by Miles

Wow, that was pretty amazing. He is totally right though. And I have never realised that those films were that long.

By the way, happy birthday for yesterday Ellen 🙂

Comment by Daniel

I love the good Doctor he is pretty close to being god. Ellen I’m sure you will get a hello at some point send him some los camp stuff and like a very nice letter =)!!!!!!!
BTW I still love his Iron Man impressions I even put them in to a mix tape thing I made lol along with my year in list that I had mixed with the Obama victory speech. I think I’ve just gone on to long talking about random crap sorry.

Comment by Thom


Comment by maudie

Ha, his Iron man impressions are amazing, myself, Harriet and Alek are big fans of his recent Renee Zellwegger and voice over man. That sounds like a pretty interesting mix tape! I hope it was made for someone special x

Comment by Ellen

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