The New Horrors Song by Gareth
March 17, 2009, 12:20 am
Filed under: CHAFF

is amazing.

It sounds like OMD.

PLAY > Sea Within A Sea


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… and now listening to Architecture & Morality

Comment by rob

it actually is isn’t it?! i stayed up for the bloody midnight countdown and everything!

Comment by ellie

thats cool!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Thom

i couldn’t agree more i was on a forum the minute it leaked (about 10 minutes before it was going to be put on the website as a free download) and i was totally blown away.

totally post punk and totally awesome

Comment by Daniel

People are leaking free downloads? Leaking sucks, kids.

Comment by Gareth

i know it’s messed up isn’t it? it’s the media hungry age we live in though i’m afraid

Comment by Daniel

Or perhaps it’s the effects of a generation used to having everything the second they want it, and unconcerned with the devaluation of art.
Either way, it’s a bastard.

Comment by Gareth

that’s pretty much what i meant but you’ve put it more eloquently than me haha

Comment by Daniel

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