On The Sunday Express… by Gareth
March 18, 2009, 3:40 pm
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Though I am loathe to enforce my personal politics on to you people, this is something that’s been in the news recently that I think is surely universally recognised as being completely retarded, and if you’re not aware of it yet, then you might want to be. On the 8th March, British newspaper the Sunday Express published a story, in very bad taste, on the subject of the Dunblane school shooting survivors. For those of you unaware of Dunblane, on March 13 1996, sixteen children and their teacher were murdered when gunman Thomas Hamilton burst into the gym at Dunblane Primary School and opened fire.

Thirteen years later, on a slow news day, the Sunday Express (a deplorable newspaper at the best of times) took it upon itself to publish a non-story on its front page of how:

Dunblane survivors have “shamed” the memory of their
dead peers with foul-mouthed boasts about sex, brawls
and drink-fuelled antics as they reach adulthood.

The article goes on to report how, thanks to stalking these youths on facebook, reporter Paula Murray discovered them to be living lives involving drinking, smoking, having sex and, sin of all sins, sporting tattoos. In other words, living the lives of normal young adults. Or in the words of the Express, actions which are “shameful” and “insulting” to the memories of their murdered classmates.

This is clearly disgraceful journalism. To drag up bad memories unnecessarily for those who were fortunate enough to survive, and to somehow paint them as villains for getting on with their lives as normally as possible, knowing full well they must carry the emotional scars inflicted by the incident to this day, is disgusting. And regardless of that, is this news? No, it’s reflective of lazy journalism and a newspaper with ever decreasing standards, happy just to use whatever shock tactics it can to enrage it’s bigoted and irrational readership.

Our pal Richard from the band Copy Haho, is fighting the good fight on this, so may I please draw your attention to the below:

Graham Linehan (of Father Ted / Black Books fame) has written a great article on the matter on his website, which can be found here;
If you could take the time to read the above, maybe even sign the petition as detailed in the article, and pass it on to your friends, it’d be appreciated. Never has a piece of writing angered me as much as the article in The Sunday Express.
I know it doesn’t matter what a couple of pop bands think, but hopefully any right thinking person can see this is unfair and absolute gutter press. The only people disrespecting memories here is the Sunday Express.

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The Daily Express has achieved the seemingly impossible goal of becoming a more loathsome publication than the Mail. They have some way to go before they can boast of anyone among their ranks as cretinous as Jon Gaunt or Richard Littlejohn, but they’re fighting their way to the bottom of the gutter admirably.

Comment by Matthew

Paul Ashford’s got mail.

Comment by Matthew

This report made me so angry I actually wrote the woman a letter. Not an email, a proper letter, with a pen and the date in the corner and everything. I got some bullshit canned reply thanking me for my feedback and going on to say that the behaviour of bloggers over the matter was ‘regrettable’. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, that they were attacking bloggers’ ethics whilst exercising their right to free speech while simulataneously running a front page story involving such a gross invasion of privacy I actually choked on my raspberry tartlet. Got powdered sugar in my eye as well.

Fuck you, Sunday Express, for making me hurt my eye. And fuck you for being utterly irresponsible and hateful. I think it’s amazing these kids have grown up to lead such normal lives.

Comment by Adam

Also how do you get your URL’s to be title? That’s well snazzy.

Comment by Adam

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