Studio. by Gareth
March 19, 2009, 2:17 pm
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We are currently in Stamford, Connecticut, recording a record, once again with John Goodmanson (WHERE DOLITTLE WAS RECORDED!!). Initially we planned not to mention it for a little while longer. We didn’t want to give anybody cause to speculate on something which likely won’t be released for a reasonable amount of time (at least longer than you may have come accustomed to thanks to our speedy work with WAB,WAD).

Our previous recording experiences have both been reasonably surreal. Hold On Now, Youngster… was recorded in less than ideal circumstances, with our backs against the wall, and saw us temping as labourers at the same time. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, though a lot more leisurely, was recorded in just ten days and not intended to be half the release it eventually became, so this time round we’re making sure we do things in the way we’d like to. This means a couple of sessions of recording, split up by that second half of North America tour we have going on, then a little time to live and breathe with what we’ve come up with, before mixing the results, which probably takes us through to about June.

As I mentioned, we were going to not mention recording for a little while but

a) we thought it could be interesting to blog about how things are going in the studio

b) we didn’t want anybody to think we all lived in a house together when we were off ‘band duty’. That’d be lame.

So yeh. If you are inclined to get excited, don’t peak too early, but we’ve about 15 tracks to record and things are going very well so far, thank you very much.


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Comment by Michael

This is beyond exciting.

Comment by Laurence

Any news about a new record is good news. Can’t wait!

Comment by Reece

YESSSS, I can’t wait for this frigging shit to come out

Comment by Alex

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