More Trips Down Memory Lane by Ellen
March 20, 2009, 7:57 pm
Filed under: CHAFF

Since we are getting all nostalgic, I thought I would share with you all this little gem I found the other day from our “first photo shoot,” i.e when there was only four of us and I bought a camera to our fifth rehearsal so we at least had something to put up on our MySpace…. image first, then music…

The legs belong to Thomas, and the stupid faces are myself, Neil and Oliver. Notice how we are trying to look nonchalant and casual, but still give off a demeanor of indie cool? It’s like were saying “that’s right, we’re in a band at uni, now who wants to touch me?”

We also look like an advert for a reality show on ITV about apathetic middle class teens, the uglier original cast of Skins and rejects for an Artic Monkeys cover band. (In all these examples I am mostly just speaking for myself, everyone else looks lovely, particularly Tom and his knees, and look! He’s doing his zipper up, how polite.)

But what this made me think most was “who the fuck took this?”



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Is that my house in the background?

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