Bad Day At The Office by Gareth
March 22, 2009, 12:17 am
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So, over the past week or so, Neil and I have been attempting to find the hottest Chilli pepper that Ridgeway Shopping Center’s Stop&Shop has to offer. Up until now, we’d been pretty disappointed with what we’d tasted, but today that all changed.

I was cooking dinner and started to use the chilli and GOT IT IN MY FACE!! ALL UP IN MY EYE AND NOSE AND OHMYGODITHURT!!

I’ve not experienced pain like that in a long while. I ended up in the shower washing myself with Olive Oil whilst my always caring bandmates tried to look for more cures on the internet. Apparently the best thing is to handle the pepper wearing gloves. THANKS A LOT DICKHEADS!!

My face swelled up a treat:

OTHER THAN THAT…today has been good. More songs are coming together. More songs have titles and completed lyrics and EVERYTHING. I’m hopeful Tom will write something soon, because he can explain actual procedures and what’s going on and stuff. One thing that’s noticeably different to the way we’ve worked in the past is the level of communication between me and Tom and John. Usually I’m really slow with coming forth with lyrics and ideas, but this time we’ve been sitting down and going through ideas and possibilities, and the songwriting’s already sounding so much stronger for it.

I can hear Tom playing guitar downstairs now, but he’s playing the riff to Under The Bridge so hopefully there’s no tape rolling (we’re not recording to tape).


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If you want hot, go for the habanero peppers. And unfortunately for myself, I found out that really hot peppers can penetrate through thick latex gloves. My plan is to have one pair of pepper-handling gloves, and another as an accessory, to wear post-chopping and cooking, so when I inevitably touch my face, the second pair of gloves will come through for me, and protect. Plus, I’ll look great.
P.S. I am amused that this post ends with a bit about Tom playing a Red Hot Chili Peppers song. Nice segue.

Comment by ProblemSleuth


Hope you’re feeling better now. x

Comment by Charlotte

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