Larkin about in New York by Ellen
March 24, 2009, 10:50 pm
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We got to have an awesome pals pre tour reunion with the dear Sky Larkin last night, which involved heading into New York to watch them support The Grates at the Mercury Lounge. Incidentally this is where we performed our first ever New York show, our name misrepresenting us and leading to us being put on some kind of world music bill showcase. It was reminiscent of the cd incident at Lollapalooza, where they ordered in a shipment by the Peruvian folk band Los Campesinos De Michigin by mistake.

It was lovely to see the Larkin and try and contain our ridiculous smouldering unrelenting jealously over SXSW, but we prevailed and Doug had some nice snazzy new glasses I admired. Post gig we managed to rush over to Cake Shop and see Micachu, another British band who were awe inspiringly ace. Although I did get asked if I was friends with the band because of the accent, its like when you say you are from the UK and people assume you live in London and know that guy Brad they hooked up with once. To score a hat trick I popped along to watch Peggy Sue and The Pirates a few doors down at Pianos. It was one those really hip places which started out selling pianos but then realised giving mixed drinks to wide-eyed scenesters would be more profitable.

Anyway those ladies have a very large lung capacity, and have got a nifty drummer since I saw them last. He had a good trilby on, so well done.

It did seem like the British were out in force though, as we stumbled into Huw Stephens and gazed at Tracyanne Campbell from Camera Obscura. That may sound like name dropping, but it aint because I was not cool enough/too shy/too drunk to speak to either of them and Tom said I had the same jumper so as Tracey so I was actually looking to start a fight. I got over it and we went home, but not before I told the conductor on the train about a man hiding in the toilet trying to evade a ticket. I bloody hate those people.

Also I got my hair done and look sexily like Andy Warhol, and Tom and Neil picked up an electric mandolin which looks like guitar for midgets, and Aleks/Gareth and Harriet brought some nice clothes from American Apparel, and I tried on a dress in there and i really wanted it but I didnt get it, and it was in my dream last night, and when I put it on any problems in my life were resolved. I really should buy it.


This is another reason why I miss the UK sometimes

Anyone else drawn genitalia on their roofs recently? Share your stories x


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