“Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus” by Tom
March 25, 2009, 1:21 am
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Greetings from the control room.  In response to some casual e-pokings from G-Diz and a promise to my parents that I’d contribute to our blog, thought I’d detail some of the goings-on down here.  We’re about 7 tracks (probably about halfway) into our over-thought, over-long, over-the-top sophomore album, and I’m thinking this is probably going to be our “Coke Album” what with the track-numbers piling up, egos a-flailing and a Gallagher-sized sense of misplaced belief in our own band.  Sadly though (for you) there’s not a sniff of white powder in sight, so it might not be as bombastic as we’d all hope… (though i’m sure if we went searching in the cracks of the SSL board here at Carriage House we’d find enough to make Be Here Now 2).  So it’s probably gonna be more of a “Diet Coke Album”.  Anyway, here’s some photos:

The desk:


Some pedals of ours and John’s:

The compressors, pre-amps, EQs and effects rack:


Main room:


Drum room:


Not sure how insightful i can be about our recording process, but generally we get a live rhythm section track down with bass, guitars and drums, and then we build up the extra arrangements/overdubs on top of that.  We’re trying some new things (for us) this time around too, messing about with drum machines/samples, building tracks that way, and it’s hopefully gonna yield some interesting results.  John’s been great as usual though, really enjoy working with him… everything’s very easy and exciting all the time which creates a great atmosphere to work in.  I don’t want to get any more boring about the whole process, so if anyone has any extra questions about what’s happening, feel free to ask.  But, yeah, i’m really delighted with the way the tracks are coming together: we’re getting some really great sounds, Gareth’s vocal parts have been really good so far, and i’m very much looking forward to people hearing the results of all this… the songs are the product of about a year’s-worth of ideas and vague melodies sung into dictaphones on sleepless nights (in accordance with all things clichéd), and it’s still gonna be a while before anything’s released which is a bit frustrating, but hopefully our excitement will last until then.


Now I guess in the spirit of John’s best motto so far (“Don’t bore us, get to the chorus”), here’s the real juicy part of this post:  Upon arriving in the control room today and sitting down to work (tinker with my Fantasy Football team), i noticed a rather unpleasant smell in the room.  I, naturally, checked myself first, and on twisting to check my underside, noticed a small, knobbly turd (now slightly squashed) next to me on the sofa.  This, despite what rumours you might hear, is not normal fare for a Los Campesinos! morning, as i rarely sit in other people’s shite.  However, my disgust quickly turned to delight when i realised that this was going to make my first blog post all the more interesting… everyone loves a good poo-squashing story.  Anyway, I’m not sure who the culprit is, so i’m putting up pictures of the likely offenders in the hope of shaming them all.

Poo (slightly squished at the side where i sat in it):


The suspects:







Tom x


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Of the suspects, definitely the latter…

Comment by Dylan

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first off, love you guys. by far my favorite band in my entire life, (im 15 so ha). i have all youre songs and have fallen in love with everyone of them, and im desperatly awaiting new releases from you guys, and im pumped to hear you guys have 7 songs alreay. nice blogz

Comment by wes switzgable

I’m not sure if you ever figured out who the shitter was, but I bet it was Ollie. I know this is old, but I hope you saved it and sent it to C.S.I. Miami or something to that effect

Comment by vanessa

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