Micachu & The Shapes by Gareth
March 25, 2009, 2:03 am
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Just to build on what Ellen said a couple of posts down about our night out on the tiles.

Micachu is incredible.

I was lucky enough to get the album a couple of months ago thanks to being ‘in the biz’ and I listened to nothing else for a week or more. I was disappointed I’d never seen her/them live before, as they’ve toured the UK a fair bit, but it’s fairly typical with a life ‘on the road’ that I’d end up seeing her play some place far from home.

I’m awful at writing about music. I used to want to be a music journalist, for about a year or so, while I was at uni. I guess I realised I wasn’t actually very good at it and so had to form a band instead.

But, what I mean to say, is Micachu’s music makes me so excited. Her album ‘Jewellery’ is out now. You can buy it here, and you should. And see Micachu & The Shapes live, if you live in the UK, in the next fortnight.

28 Mar 2009 20:00
The Croft Bristol, Southwest
30 Mar 2009 20:00
Bodega Nottingham, Northeast
31 Mar 2009 20:00
Deaf Institute Manchester, Northwest
1 Apr 2009 20:00
Korova Liverpool, Northwest
3 Apr 2009 20:00
The Freebutt Brighton, South
4 Apr 2009 20:00
Lennons Southampton, South
7 Apr 2009 20:00
Oakford Social Club Reading, South
8 Apr 2009 20:00
Buffalo Bar Cardiff
9 Apr 2009 20:00
Adventures In The Beetroot Field @ Fabric London, London and South East

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AGREED, gareth! I’ve seen her four times since october, talked to her a stack, made her a necklace for her birthday, hung out with her back stage – she’s such an inspiration and i find myself listening to her album four or five times a week!

Comment by bobby dazzler

After reading this I ran (metaphorically, was more a case of swift typing) to youtube and listened, nice find, if only they were playing slightly closer to me 😦

Same goes for you guys!

Comment by Marty

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