Love, Peace & Harmony, Or: How I fell in love with the Courteeners. by Gareth
March 26, 2009, 5:24 pm
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Two years ago, it seemed I bumbled around interviews talking about how much I hated specific bands.
It’s not that I like those bands now, I just realise how stupid a topic of conversation it is. It wasn’t entirely my fault. A lot of music journalists (primarily in the UK) very much saw LC! as fitting a gap they had, and so a lot of interviews we did were primarily intended to get us to talk about how British music was in a rut, ‘lad rock’ sucked and how nobody else ‘got it’ like we did. I guess we found it edgy and exciting at the time, to be seen (even by just a few) as being renegades, but now it’s mostly a little embarrassing.

Last night I went to see Morrissey play at Webster Hall. The Courteeners opened up. The Courteeners rose to prominence (?) in the summer of 2007 I think. We were in the US for that time, and when we got back from the UK and I saw some magazine with them on the cover (NME, maybe?), I had no idea who they were. I felt like my Grampy.

I stood on the balcony, watching their set, right next to their parents. After every song, a gent who I think was probably the singer’s father, wooped “come on Liam! Give it to ’em”. Exactly like my dad does when he watches us play (sometimes my Dad calls me Liam). And the mothers danced and clapped along out of time. And smiles didn’t leave their faces the whole half an hour (The crowd’s reaction to the band was indifferent. It was always going to be though, because Morrissey fans don’t want to see anybody but Morrissey, do they?).
The parents looked so proud. And that feeling of being thousands of miles from home, watching your sons play their songs in front of a couple of thousand people in New York City, cannot and will not be beaten, I’d imagine. And the feeling of seeing your parents that proud is pretty rad too.
So yeh, I’m making even more of an effort not to slag bands any more. Because we are all our parents’ children, or something, and it’s fucking boring, and it’s much more productive to talk about the positives, anyway. RIGHT BLOGGERS!?


Was good. Here are some notes:

  • $9 for a bottle of beer is fucking disgusting Webster Hall. As if a $75 ticket wasn’t insult enough.
  • Opening with ‘This Charming Man’. Can’t remember being overcome by such uncontrollable smiles in a long time.
  • Morrissey’s band is amazing. The five of them were never completely overshadowed by Moz. Surges to the front of the stage, rockstar poses, balancing guitars on their heads. It was a SHOW!!
  • I watched an episode of Home Movies on my iPod whilst waiting for the music to start. It was the Pizza Club one. Really good episode.
  • Idiot man at the bar: “what is this spoken word stuff playing? Who put this on?”. MORRISSEY PUT IT ON, YOU R-TARD!
  • Morrissey: I think you should wear a belt. Middle aged men in light denim without a belt just makes me think of Clarkson.
  • Might get quiff.
  • One of the worst practices in the music biz: making support bands price match the headlining band’s merch. Come on guys.
  • Morrissey has a PETA stall traveling on tour with him. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen Moz, well done. But when are you gonna go vegan? [citation needed]
  • Watching people try to get onstage to touch Morrissey is the closest thing to religion I have ever experienced. I’m gonna try to touch Morrissey when we play at Coachella.
  • At the back of the balcony, too far away to see, girls ballroom style danced, together. Amazing.
  • Here’s a clip of Moz playing ‘How Soon Is Now’. It’s only about 60 seconds long, because it suddenly dawned on me:

“I am at a Morrissey concert, and I’m taking a really shit quality video, watching the song through an inch square screen, so I can put it on my blog, what the fuck am I doing, LOOK WHAT I’VE BECOME!! I am here alone, this song is SO TOTALLY ABOUT ME!! Work with it.“.

  • Fell asleep on the train back to Stamford. Missed my stop. Not so good.

Morrissey @ Webster Hall – March 25, 2009 (setlist)

This Charming Man
Billy Budd
Black Cloud
How Soon Is Now?
Irish Blood, English Heart
Let Me Kiss You
I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris
How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
Seasick, Yet Still Docked
The Loop
I Keep Mine Hidden
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed
Best Friend On The Payroll
Death Of A Disco Dancer
Sorry Doesn’t Help
Something Is Squeezing My Skull
I’m OK By Myself

First Of The Gang To Die


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I love the thought process from the Morrissey concert, brilliant blog guys 😉

Comment by Marty

we want band wars!

Comment by eden

Aaaaah, the envy. I really hope I get to see him live, I wanna check if he has the powerful homoerotic intensity he seems to have on video and stuff haha.

Opening with This charming man = Nothing can go wrong from there.


Comment by Cheky

Presuming this is who I think it is, I’m pretty sure the religion/touching/assault charge could go to me when you guys played the Bowery Ballroom on Valentines day. That is, presuming ‘trying to clammer on stage’ also counts as Ollie un-shirtedly landing on me, or the crowd crushing me into Tom, Gareth, and Neil after you jumped off the stage during the encore. Now that was religion. Also, painful.

Comment by Rob

fell in love with the Courteeners last year,yet to fall in Love with Morrissey, so stuck with paying huge amounts to see them support a guy who I reckon has always been a prick to his fans and a right hypocrite. oh well when the show rolls into Boston on Sunday it does mean we can leave early to drive up to South Burlington, Vermont to see a much better band and their equally awesome support band , cough ( you and sky larkin)

Comment by JaneinMA

Totally not interesting to anyone else, but Morrissey and LC! are playing the same night in Milwaukee. I was like, WTF!, who(m[?]) do I see?

Comment by Nathan

If you take out the rubbish songs from the new record, that’s not a bad setlist. I have still never seen Morrissey ;______;

Comment by Matthew

I have totally had face to face exchanges with Liam Fray calling his band just because he was being mean to me and my girlfriend in a club in Manchester.

Oh and also Gareth I totally saw Liam Fray (lead singer of The Courteeners) at Club Academy in Manchester on the Feb tour in 2008 so you probably could have saved yourself $75 if you’d have stalked him around the back of the venue and begged him to put you on the guestlist hahaha

Comment by Daniel

[…] the risk of over-exposing the new Los Campesinos! blog, allow us to direct your attention to this post from the other day recapping a brilliant show from Mo…. Los Campesinos, having grown up on the other side of the Atlantic, are naturally huge fans of the […]

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hokay so I realize that this is from quite awhile ago but I was browsing the blog for top music picks…anyway! I just have to say Home Movies is one of my favorite shows and I wish they played it more on adult swim…I always have to watch it in 7 minute increments on youtube now but it’s better than nothing:)

Comment by CM

if your a blonde girl, liam fray will also want to to shag you…he is a dick. (though he makes good music apart from that, fucked up manc)

Comment by pat

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