Tragic Behavior by Ellen
March 26, 2009, 2:19 am
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Whilst Gareth went to watch the great Moz, myself and Alek did something which we think is perhaps “really cool”.

We wrote into Mayo and Kemodes 5 live show and asked (very nicely) if we could be said hello too.

Anyway here is the fruit of our labors and I think you will agree it is pretty persuasive…roll on Friday.


Dear Mel Gibson and Jesus,

A while ago it was pointed out to yourselves that your Hello! List was a tad too masculine and there was a distinct lack of the female presence.

Since then you have added in the very talented Charlotte Subway HOWEVER it seems the list is still overly testosterone friendly and to balance this out I feel you should add in at least a couple more ladies to show your commitment to equality.

Therefore I nominate the three lady musicians of the band Los Campesinos! Alek, Ellen and Harriet who are all keen listeners of the show, proclaiming that it inspires them in their stage performances and citing you as some kind of marvelous deity, plus they play bass, violin and keyboards between them and therefore are pretty cool.

They also all really like films and they have definitely not constructed this message whilst they are recording in Connecticut and listening to the podcast and giggling to themselves with glasses of wine.


A friend


“The Fall” for Best Film at the Kemodes!


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As a man with a PhD in English, I don’t imagine Dr. Kermode was impressed with the error “you’re Hello! List”.

Comment by Jonny

What error?

Comment by Ellen

Swiftly edited I see – embarrassment averted.

Comment by Jonny

I don’t know what your talking about

Comment by Ellen

Well spotted 😉

Comment by Marty

I listened to today’s Wittertainment – disappointing lack of LC! in there. From now on, when I listen to the podcast from here in Florida, I’ll say hello to you all.

Comment by Samir

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