March 28, 2009, 6:55 pm
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Today is our last day at Stamford, and subsequently the last day of the first session of recording, before we head out on tour.
Downstairs, John’s doing rough mixes of a couple of tracks that are entirely finished. Or nearly entirely finished. This is going to be the first Los Campesinos! release with non-Campesinos! folk playing on it. So, when we resume recording in Seattle we’re hooking up with some other musicians, to add extra little flourishes. This is equal parts exciting and scary, I think, as we’re always wary of exposing our deficiencies and limits to ‘outsiders’. PLUS they’re exciting people that I’m keen to meet, let alone play with.</deliberately vague>

In preparation for our leaving I endeavoured to eat all my left-over soy ice cream yesterday evening. And failed.

Neil’s been saying sad farewells to Hopscotch, and making sure she knows how much we love her.

Right now, I’m sat streaming the England v Slovakia match on the internet, and debating whether I’m gonna be motivated enough to walk to LAYLA’S FALAFEL for lunch. It’s delicious. I should.

on Wednesday we play at Toronto’s ‘Opera House’. Does anybody know of a bar nearby which is likely to be showing the England World Cup Qualifying ‘Soccer’ Match? THANKS GUYS.


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If you’re looking for places near the Opera House The Fox & Fiddle at 106 John Street or Peel Pub at 276 King Street West are probably best. Plus Peel Pub Happy Hour is 3-7pm local time!

Comment by Chris

Nice ice-cream goatee you’ve got going on there, Gareth.

Comment by Charlotte

You’re not recording with Scott McCaughey are you?! That’d be a coup.

Comment by Garrett

Sorry guys, just realised the Opera House isn’t where I thought it was and so the Fox and Fiddle and Peel Pub are pretty far away. Although I think you might be able to get the street car to near where they are

Comment by Chris

I’ll probably be watching at my local (the wheat sheaf). They’re usually good for turning to matches on demand. It’s at King and Bathurst, and only a couple blocks south of Soundscapes (assuming you know of it). So you could kill two birds with one stone and it shouldn’t be much of a cab ride from there back to the Opera House.

Comment by Jim

You’re so cute

Comment by Charlotte

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