Food review – Philadelphia 29/3/09 by Ollie
March 30, 2009, 11:20 pm
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So as I put out a request for dinner suggestions, I thought it best to review the dinners that I had.

So in Philadelphia I went to a fine place called Chickpea. I’ll apologise to Rachel and Brendon who recommended places.  Gareth saw Horizon and said it was pretty expensive and us being a poor band…  The other suggestion was a place called Maoz which did indeed look very tasty but Gareth found Chickpea, and it was on his recommendation that I went and, I happened to find him in there enjoying a Falafel pita.

I decided to have a Falafel platter, which comprised Falafel, salad, hummus, pita (white or wholewheat) and either rice or fries.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any rice so I had to have fries which, I didn’t particular want, but they were still very nice nonetheless.  The Falafels were nice and fresh, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The hummus was very smooth with a little bit of oil to make it easier to spread as well.  The salad was in my opinion the best bit, amongst the standard veg of cucumber and tomato I found beetroot and radish; two of my favourite salad vegetables.  They are both highly under rated and should be used a lot more.

It was a very tasty meal and there was stacks of it.  And the price $9.89 including a can of Fanta!  In these hard times you can’t argue with that.

Log on for tomorrows review of dinner in Burlington, Vermont.


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the fanta ruined the healthiness…

Comment by eden

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