Philadelphia 29/3 by Gareth
March 30, 2009, 7:59 pm
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Day One off tour…jesus christ, i wrote “off” instead of “of”…things have got this bad already?
Anyway, we woke in New Jersey. I don’t understand why we stayed in NJ, the day before and of the Philly show. It meant two pretty long journeys, desperate to pee, but WHO AM I to question the judgement of a tour manager. Especially one so fine as Joe Puleo. Actually, come to think of it, I think he insinuated we’d get robbed if we stayed nearer to the gig, or something like that.

Some Notes:

  • Previous Philadelphia experiences of ours had been quite lame. One show at an awful club where we got our spare tyre stolen (fair enough Joe), and another at Johnny Brendas, which was an okay, if uneventful, show, but sadly in an area where there was not a lot to do. Fishtown?
  • South Street was really cool.
  • Great falafel from some place called ‘Chickpeas’. Turned on the old English charm and got some free fries given to us. Never seems to fail (even if it’s never intended).
  • Repo records was really cool. First time I went in they were playing Swans, and then the Fever Ray album. I got the Mi Ami record, which I have yet to listen to, but the stuff I’ve heard on their myspace is rad. They’re touring the UK soon, and OBVIOUSLY we’re away on tour ourselves so have to miss it. Sob.
  • Best of all in this store…I found an illegal Los Campesinos! bootleg DVD. I think this means we’ve made it. It was a (n actually very good recording) of our show in the little room at Amsterdam Paradiso last year, ingeniously entitled “Knee Deep In Amsterdam”. I need to get a camera so I can capture these incredible moments.
  • We finally got to play with Ponytail. We’ve been trying to do a show with them for a long time, and it often seems the best way to see a band you want to see is to work out playing a show with them. They were really lovely, friendly guys and their show was awesome. So tight, and intricate and fun.
  • Also, we met up with Sky Larkin for what Katie informs me is our 4th tour together. Two UK, one mainland Europe, and now the US of A. We played, like, our 8th ever show with Sky Larkin. In Bradford. It’s so great that we’ve journeyed through this so-called Music Biz together, BFFs.
  • Speaking of which, Patrick and Ian G of Titus Andronicus made the trip to see us. They say they’re touring the UK again soon, and I THINK we’re even gonna be home to see it, so they’re totally coming to stay with me at my Mum’s house. Party times.
  • Two beautiful people brought us food. Young Griffin brought us oatmeal cookies and a blueberry cake that I’ve not allowed anybody to eat yet, because it’s too pretty to spoil (and I want it to myself) and a really cute girl who brought us animal-free Pumpkin cookies. I think we have the nicest fans in the world.
  • FINALLY…I think I’m gonna try to not get drunk for a week. I feel pretttttty rough today and if I was less wasted I might have more interesting things to talk about. We’ll see…

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The old original Repo Records started in my hometown in the Philly burbs in a weird brick factory basement next to the train tracks. Kinda wish it was still there. Kinda wish _I_ was still there!

Comment by j clicky clicky

“I wOke uP To My coLd sHeETs aNd tHe SmELL oF NeW JeRSey”

P.S. Hi, Stupid.

Comment by Jenn

When do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Comment by Jimwah

-thanks. I think you all are really cute as well.
Next time you guys come around we’ll bring you a ‘surviving North America’ package or something of that nature. Likely in a basket.

Comment by vegan cookies all around!

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