Doing a Nestor by neilbeale
April 30, 2009, 9:07 pm
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A tribute to Nestor. Looks pretty good huh?

A Game To Play. by Gareth
April 30, 2009, 1:57 am
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(Ignore my face)

Who can tell me the significance of this guitar?

April 29, 2009, 9:34 pm
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Hey Guys,

So, you should surely be aware of the band Titus Andronicus.They are not only one of the best bands in the world today, but also dear, dear friends of ours. We spent a month touring the US with them earlier this year and became best of pals.

This coming month, they undertake a two week tour of the UK. Part supporting the also great Soft Pack, and their own headline shows. Obviously, you will be wanting to go to these shows anyway, but we are asking a favour of you, also…

As is often the case for touring bands, money is tight (if there’s money at all) and Travelodges are expensive.

SO…Do you live in any of the following cities? Do you have a sofa/floor? Do you have room for five incredibly domesticated, ridiculously polite and frankly GOOD LOOKING All Americans?

14 May 2009 20:00
The Volks Great Escape Brighton
15 May 2009 20:00
Water Margin Great Escape w/ The Soft Pack Brighton
16 May 2009 20:00
18 May 2009 20:00
Academy w/ the Soft Pack Oxford
19 May 2009 20:00
Academy 3 w/ the Soft Pack Birmingham
20 May 2009 20:00
100 Club w/ the Soft Pack London
21 May 2009 20:00
23 May 2009 20:00
Dot to Dot Festival w/ The Soft Pack BRISTOL
24 May 2009 20:00
Dot to Dot Festival w/ The Soft Pack NOTTINGHAM
25 May 2009 20:00
Deaf Institute w/ the Soft Pack Manchester
26 May 2009 20:00
King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut w/ the Soft Pack Glasgow
27 May 2009 20:00
28 May 2009 20:00
The Cockpit w/ the Soft Pack Leeds
29 May 2009 20:00
The Junction YORK
30 May 2009 20:00
Leadmill 2nd Room SHEFFIELD

Please, if you can help out that would be amazing. You’ll get into an awesome gig for free and be helping out some people a long, long way from home.

Please leave a comment below, or email:

Here is a picture of me and Patrick singing Casiotone For The Painfully Alone‘s “Toby Take A Bow”. I thing Patrick knows most the Twinkle Echo album on guitar, so maybe you could do a sing along with him. DO IT!!

Thank you for any help and support you can give our friends.

Gareth x

Food Review – Buenos Aires 21/04/09 by Ollie
April 29, 2009, 6:48 pm
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So this review isn’t actually of a Argentinean restaurant, it’s of a Uruguayan.  After soundcheck we go for dinner but we were told that nowhere that good would be open, we were told about a cantina that did good food so we decided to go there.  It turned out it did a style of sandwich that was from Uruguay called Chivitos.  Chivito is a sandwich that consists of Churrasco Beef and an assortment of other fillings.  I opted for the American which came with Bacon and an Egg.

img_0083The steak was very tender, it had been slightly overcooked for my liking but not so much that it had dried out.  The bacon was very juicy, it could have done with being slightly crispy.  The egg was perfect, the yoke was nice and runny, and it proceeded to run down my fingers when I bit into the sandwich.  The bread was soft and fresh.  It came with some fries, which were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

At the end of the day it was a burger, but it was very tasty and ridiculously cheap.

Oh childishness by Ellen
April 29, 2009, 5:56 am
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You make a mockery of us all…

in response to this

and in connection with this

I made this

there is nothing else left to do!

Ellen x

Biggest Dickhead In The World by Gareth
April 29, 2009, 3:03 am
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Hey Guys,

If any of you know Steven Ward, please let him know I want to fight him.


Gareth xo

April 28, 2009, 9:57 pm
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I’ve wanted to work this out for my own amusement for a while. It might be worth publishing. My Mum and Dad will definitely find it interesting at least.

(This, obviously, doesn’t include instores, acoustic things and radio sessions, because mostly they suck)

First off, here is a photograph of us before (I think) we had ever even played a gig (it’s scary how young we look):

NB. I’m wearing a tie because I had just come from some awards thing. Not because I wanted to be in the Strokes.

* * * * *


2006 – 17
2007 – 59
2008 – 109
2009 – 43 (and counting)

Total = 228


Number 1 – First Gig (Cardiff ‘Fun Factory’, May 8, 2006)
Number 6 – First Headline Show (Cardiff Barfly, June 16 2006)
Number 8 – First Gig Outside Of Wales (Water Rats, London, September 11 2006)
Number 9 – First Gig Not In A Capital City/First Gig With Sky Larkin (Love Apple, Bradford, September 13 2006)
Number 18 – First Gig With Johnny Foreigner (The Social, Nottingham, March 1 2007)
Number 21 – First Gig In Scotland (Capitol, Glasgow, March 3 2007)
Number 28 – First Festival Gig (Leeds Wireless, June 16 2007)
Number 30 – First Show Outside Of The UK (Razzmatazz, Barcelona, June 29 2007)
Number 32 – First US Gig (Lollapalooza, Chicago, August 5 2007)
Number 37 – First Ireland Gig (Whelans, Dublin, Oct 2 2007)

FIFTIETH GIG – Cockpit, Leeds (October 19 2007)

Number 61 – Start Of First European Tour (London Calling Festival, Amsterdam, Nov 3 2007)
Number 69 – First West Coast Show (Echo Lounge, LA, November 27 2007)
Number 76 – First Japan Show (British Anthems, Tokyo, December 9 2007)
Number 85 – First Time Supporting Kula Shaker (Haldern Pop, Haldern, March 1 2008)
Number 89 – First SXSW (Emo Jrs, March 13 2008)

ONE-HUNDREDTH GIG – Jailhouse, Hereford (April 16 2008)

Number 105 – Start Of First Support Tour (w/ the Go! Team, Le 106, Rouen, April 25 2008)
Number 109 – First ATP Gig (Camber Sands, May 9 2008)
Number 199 – First Show In Mexico (Lunario Nacional, Mexico City, March 6 2009)

TWO-HUNDREDTH GIG – Teatro Estudio Cavaret, Guadalajara (March 7 2009)

Number 216 – First South American Show (La Trastienda Club, Buenos Aires, April 21 2009)

* * * * *

I think our 250th gig might be in the UK. Let’s do something special to celebrate, yeh?