Food Review – Burlington, VT. 30/03/09 by Ollie
April 1, 2009, 5:02 am
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Hello to the second installment of the LC! Tour food review.

When you’re on tour, food is a very important thing.  Bands have a tour rider which includes food and drink, ours includes pita, salad, crisps (potato chips) and water.  We don’t have any alcoholic drinks at all.  After being on tour for a couple of weeks you get quite fed up with the same food.  Dinner is also a problem because you may not have time and there may be nothing good around.

Many venues are pretty lazy so they give you some money and leave you to find the nearest pizza, burger or fried chicken joint.  A diet that will lead you to being like the people that sue McDonalds for making them fat, despite them eating it every day!  So it’s always nice when venues cook for you.

Higher Ground in Burlington, I think, was the first venue, in North America, that cooked for us, and didn’t have a public restaurant.  The selection was ample for a two band bill comprising 15 people.  For my main I had grilled chicken that was perfectly presented, and was still very moist and juicy inside.  As your teeth went through the flesh you could taste the charred outer followed by the tender inner.  On the side was vegetables that were still very crunchy.  I can’t stand soggy vegetables, when you bite into a crunchy vegetable you can almost feel that vitamin C flow into you body and fight off that cold that is going round the band at the time.  The only soggy vegetables I like was my gran’s cabbage.  She passed away 10 years ago and we’ve never been able to recreate her cabbage and she never told us her secret.

Alongside the veg was a nice  crisp salad, a perfect accompaniment.  You always need to make sure you have your five a day.

Dessert was a light and fluffy lemon cheesecake.  The base was a decent thickness, sometimes cheesecake can have too thick a base but this just right.  The piece was a decent size and left me contented.  In fact I had another bit after the show, it was the perfect post gig snack.

I’m always convinced with in-house catering that it probably didn’t cost as much as what they would give you in buy out, but when it was as good as Higher Ground, I can’t complain!

To experience Higher Ground catering, start a band.

Tomorrow we’ll be reviewing Montreal.


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