Montreal 31/3 by Gareth
April 1, 2009, 5:58 pm
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I’m gonna level with you. I’ve never been a fan of Montreal before. Prior to this we’d played there twice, once with Broken Social Scene, on the abyss of a 6am flight to Japan, and once where after the show a ‘Record Label Representative’ took us out for drinks, only to invoice us the bill a couple of days later. Woe. Anyways…

  • So many friendly people at merch today. A nice guy named Marc brought me a glockenspiel key to sign. It really pains me that I may have influenced, even slightly, somebody to buy a glockenspiel. It’s the shittest instrument in the world. Nobody ever got laid by playing a glockenspiel, and that’s the whole reason people start bands in the first place. Useless.
  • My favourite Sky Larkin show of the tour so far.
  • Three hours or something, waiting at the Canadian border. When waiting in places of security me and Neil always take a stance of be as annoying as possible and then they’ll not want us hanging around and let us through as quickly as possible. Didn’t really work this time.
  • Top topics of conversation: Mindless acts of destruction committed as a child. We are thankful that by the time any of us have kids they’ll be able to act out all vandalism in a virtual world.
  • Day two of sobriety. It’s more difficult to remember the words when abstemious.
  • Listened to The Great Annihilator twice today. Forgot what a great record it is. One of those that seems absolutely timeless to me.
  • Tom got to do his “ma mere et un professor d’francais whatever bluhbluhbluh” routine on the crowd. Always goes down a treat.
  • Neil finished his book (Everyman by Phillip Roth) and had folded down the corners of the pages which held sexy passages, so I could read them afterwards. Thanks mate.
  • If I ever have any money I’m going to buy a digital camera and these blogs will be a masterpiece.
  • Last night I dreamt about Dananananaykroyd. I was somewhere with Duncan and David. I don’t remember what exactly happened, but it’s certainly as a result of me being severely jealous that they’re touring the UK right now and we’re nowhere in sight.

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HEYYYY WE MISS YOU! I’m jealous that you’re touring over the big pond, with fuckin’ SKY LARKIN!

Comment by CALUM

The fact that you used the word “abstemious” in a blog entry makes me ridiculously happy in a super word-nerd way!

Comment by Yaz

abstemious is a good word

Comment by Anonymous

abstemious is a good word

Comment by isabel

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