Toronto 1/4 by Gareth
April 2, 2009, 5:17 pm
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Oft referred to (only by me) as the second city of Los Campesinos!, due to us recording our first reckid there and generally having ties and history here, we rolled into The Big ‘Ronto. And it go a little something like this:

  • Day starts with Neil getting confused by April Fools jokes. “Gareth, did you see the Guardian’s just gonna be published via Twitter from now on?”. LOL AT NEIL!!
  • Drive from Montreal, watching Twin Peaks and listening to Fightstar. The couple of singles off the first Fight star record are awesome. I’ve never got into the whole record, but ‘Paint Your Target’ and Pahlaniuk’s Laughter’ are flawless.
  • Only got in at about 4pm, so no time to see anything. Rotate This, Soundscapes and Sonic Boom (especially) are three of our favourite record stores, but the Opera House is near nothing good apparently, woe.
  • We’ve been to the Opera House before. We recorded the video to Tweexcore here. The embarassing video to Tweexcore here. The embarassing video to the regretful Tweexcore here. My hair is better now at least.
  • All bar me went for dinner with Kevin Drew and Arts & Crafts. I streamed the England highlights at the venue and then met up with my Ontario pals, Ian and Julia.
  • Really good show. Sound was amazing for Sky Larkin, and the venue is reeeealy beautiful.
  • Did an interview and got asked about wanking. Glad the blog’s had an impact.
  • We played ‘We Are All Accelerated Readers’ tonight. I didn’t know anybody liked that song, but people shouted for it, which was nice to hear, as it’s one of our favourites I think.
  • Tom, Aleks and Harriet left our show as soon as we finished to race across town to see Efterklang play. It’s nice when a plan comes together.
  • Neil and Todge stayed out drinking afterwards. Reports abound that they saw the most beautiful girl in the world, playing pool at a bar. I went back to the hotel and looked at pictures of dead animals on the internet.  Don’t not drink kids. This is what it does to you.
  • Katie Harkin and I signed a breast each at the merch stall, post-gig. My first experience of such a thing. I don’t mean breasts generally, thanks, just signing one. I felt like Bret Michaels.

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Well, you know, there was beer available (although I suppose getting drunk before the show isn’t a good idea). Stop knocking Tweexcore/the Tweexcore video though, they’re good stuff. And of course we love “Acclerated”! I would have been just as happy with “Unison,” but there’s something about the Bonnie Tyler/Toni Braxton bit of the former that is just sublime. Come back to Toronto soon, eh?

Comment by Ian Mathers

The show was soo completely amazing!! Thank you so much for coming!!

Comment by Eve

Yeah, it really was a great show, thanks so much! The only bad part was the frat-guy douchebags who kept leering at Harriet right up front next to me, wolf-whistling and yelling “Arts & Crafts” at any opportunity. Tom laughed at them I think, but Harriet looked politely scared.

Anyhow, thanks to like all of the band for signing the setlist and taking pictures with me and all – I was the Aussie guy, and feel lucky to have caught y’all!

Comment by Ben

Damn, never seen you guys perform Accelerated Readers. It was on the setlist for your show at Day at the Races last year, but you cut the (already delayed) set short to catch the end of mum and who can blame you?
Include on next UK tour setlist PLOX.

Comment by Paul

sorry to have missed this…apparently the 24 hour flu does exist as i feel almost 100% now.

if you think there is nothing decent around the opera house now, you should have seen that area a few years back. scary. not sure how much longer jillys will last. 😉

Comment by t.

‘readers’ is a fan favourite, as far as i can tell. plenty find it your absolute best song. how was efterklang?

Comment by Alex

THE SHOW WAS BRILLIANT, so much fun. I haven’t been that happy in way too long. Thanks for signing my book after and sorry for the improper handshake. Much love!

Comment by tess

You misspelt Palahniuk. Ugh!

Comment by Sophie

We love ‘Accelerated Readers’ especially the Toni Braxton bit!

Comment by Paul

Wow what an awesome show! I’m insanely late writing on this blog, but oh well. I got up right close and aleks asked me if i was going to jump on the stage. I said no, but as soon as you guys walked off, I jumped up and grabbed a setlist :D, also got a pic with Ollie at the merch stand. awesome show!!!

Comment by Ché

breast michaels

Comment by hannah

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