Food Review – Breakfast Special Toronto 02/04/09 by Ollie
April 3, 2009, 11:58 pm
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We’ve been to Toronto a few times now and I feel it is one of the cities in North America I know the best.  When we were there the first time we discovered a place called Fran’s.  Fran’s is a diner in Toronto with a couple of locations around the city.  We always go to the first one.  I’m not entirely sure on the history but I think its been in Toronto since the 50’s.

We always go for breakfast when we’re in Toronto.  They have the big breakfast which is 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 pancakes, homefries, and a round of toast.  It doesn’t sound like much but when you see it, it is quite alot.  The first time I tried it I failed to finish it, but my argument being that I had already had breakfast!  The second time I finished it, and sounding sad it was one of my greatest achievements!



But I didn’t have that today!

I had had two hot dogs the night before so I wasn’t that hungry so I opted for the premium breakfast instead.  This was two eggs with the option of bacon, sausage or ham.  I opted for bacon.  It came with homefries and toast.  The eggs were nice and runny, possibly a bit too runny, they could have done with a bit more cooking.  But they were still brilliant for dipping you homefries in.  The bacon was nice and crispy but not too much.  I don’t like North American bacon we would call it streaky bacon, whereas normal bacon to us is called Canadian bacon.  Sometimes it’s cooked so much that you put your fork in it and it cracks into a million pieces.  But todays bacon was a nice level of crispyness.  The homefries were good if a few too many compared to the amount of bacon.  The toast was a nice level of toastedness as well.  Though as I like to have a bit of jam on some of mine at the end, it was a bit soggy by then.

But all in all a perfect start to the day.  And its only $15 CAN including an orange juice, a coffee plus tax and tip.  You can’t beat that!


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Woa this is where my band goes after shows in the city! Judging by the table, autographed pictures on the wall, and Ollie’s face that shouts Satisfaction! it’s fair to say the same location that we frequent also.

Open 24hours and the $8 Energy Breakfast on a student’s budget Fran’s is always a good (sometimes only) option.

Comment by Clem

I’ve always wondered why what we call peameal is “Canadian bacon” to others. The interweb answered this query.

“The Canadian Bacon story
Around the turn of the last century (or as they say, “during the war years”), England had a pork shortage. They imported side bacon from Canada, smoked it and termed it “Wiltshire Sides” in England. Due to this event Canadian bacon was made famous. Over time the United States believed that Canadian bacon was smoked back bacon although true Canadian bacon is not smoked.”

Hah. What a sham.

Comment by ProblemSleuth

Ah, Fran’s. What would we Torontonians do without it?!

Comment by Yaz

i remember my trip to Fran’s. The hot waitress thought we were taking the piss because my Scottish friend ordered first, then me (an Englishman), then one of our Canadian friends ordered so she thought each order would come in a different accent! We assured here we weren’t having a laugh at her expense and she was very congenial for the rest of our Fran’s trip. Yay!

Comment by Chris

Ollie, you work hard for those calories, but watch it ’cause if you ever give up drumming (which would be a bloody shame) you may consider writing about excercise routines and such. You guys are great, good luck with the tour and the meals. And keep Gareth on the dry path, he does not need booze to remember the lyrics; he did just fine without it!!!

Comment by Emery

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