Milwaukee 3/4 by Gareth
April 4, 2009, 5:18 pm
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Last night was rad. Doubtless, this was partly due to me having my first beer in FIVE DAYS, but also, mostly because my pal Stuart came to the show. Formerly of London Town, he now lives in Milwaukee. In a former life, Stuart tour managed bands like Sleater-Kinney, and Huggy Bear and bis, toured with approximately a million other bands that I love and ‘played’ guita in Phantom Pregnancies. Last night he brought me a care package of things he had in his loft, left over from working with these bands.


  • The Phantom Pregnancies – The Compilation That Could Have Been A Contender 12′
  • The Phantom Pregnancies – Special Child EP
  • bis – Eurodisco 12″
  • bis – The Secret Vampire Soundtrack EP (12″ White Label)
  • bis – Play Some Real Songs, Live CD
  • Huggy Bear – Main Squeeze 7″ (on Rugger Bugger)
  • Huggy Bear – Long Distance Lovers 12″ (recorded with Rocket From The Crypt, released on Gravity)

And now the real, real gold…

  • Original Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, bis, Wedding Present and Phantom Pregnancies badges.

  • DVDs of the first ever Phantom Pregnancies show, and the last ever Huggy Bear gig at Camden’s Laurel Tree on 6th December 1994. Skinned Teen played the show too, but apparently the guy running the camera hated them, and so wouldn’t record 😦
  • Taking The Rough With The Smooch (10″), misprint. What’s blue should be grey and what’s grey should be blue. Apparently there exist about 5 of these in the world. I think it looks better like this. This is one of my favourite records ever, anyway, so now to own it like this is incredible.

Sadly, we had to leave too early for us to be able to go over his house this morning, and watch the Chelsea/Newcastle game, but last night was great. Thanks again Stuart! Now I have to try my best not to lose this stash somewhere else on tour.

Milwaukee, more generally, was lovely. Really friendly people and the catering at the venue was awesome. I had vegan enchiladas. More on that from Ollie at a later point, I’d guarantee.



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Bis? Huggy Bear? Heavenly? Talulah Gosh? Where is this place?! Sounds great 😀

Comment by Daniel

Yey for C86! The Weddos are my all time favourites. Those badges are awesome 😀

ps, Can you come back to England soon please? And make your first gig stop Leeds please! x

Comment by Amy

How awesome is that! I have been looking for Stu for ages…. Hey Stuart, if you read this – get in touch. I moved from Rotterdam to London and was really gutted to lose touch. Hope all is well with A. and Milwaukee. xx

Comment by Hester

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