Food Review – Milwaukee 04/04/09 by Ollie
April 5, 2009, 1:30 am
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Turner Hall in Milwaukee didn’t look like it would have in-house catering but it did.  We were told when we arrived that it was Mexican on the menu tonight.  I love Mexican, its something that is not in much abundance in Britain, so when you have it in America its always much more of a treat.

As soundcheck progressed we were treated to tasty smells, which just made me even more hungry.  We arrived in the dining area to be greeted with several large trays of food.  We had vegetable enchiladas, vegan enchiladas and chicken enchiladas, plus rice and beans.  I helped myself to a little bit of everything.  The enchiladas were odd in the fact that they came in a way resembling a lasagne!

I don’t usually order chicken enchiladas but they were very nice, with lots of chicken and nice bits of chicken as well.  The sauce covering the enchiladas was rich and creamy and there wasn’t too much cheese on the top.  The vegetable enchiladas had lots of veg in them and a wide variety as well.  I couldn’t tell what sort of vegetables but they still tasted nice.   The rice was a nice texture, but the beans were a bit too gloopy, and I like evidence of beans as well.


I never normally have dessert, but today they had pie.  I love pie and it was apple which is my all time favourite!  The apple filling was nice and chunky with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.  The pastry was nice and short, though if it had contained butter that would have made it better.  The only thing it was lacking was custard.  I don’t think custard is an American thing, so this problem needs to be sorted.

All in all it was a very nice meal, and there was still some pie after the show so that capped the night beautifully.

Tomorrow we see what Minneapolis has to offer.


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I don’t know about custard, but nothing is better on apple pie than some fresh whipped cream.

Comment by Garrett

Not sure if you guys will have time for breakfast in Minneapolis, but you should check out either The Seward Cafe or The Triple Rock. Delicious vegan breakfast stuffs… way better than just hashbrowns 😉

Comment by ap_

Milwaukee is noted for it’s plethora of custard stands. Hit one up next time you’re in town.

Comment by Peter

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