World of Snow. by Ellen
April 5, 2009, 8:13 pm
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It’s snowing in Omaha! Oh yes… If this were a film David Bowie would be introducing it before Aled Jones dulcet tones filled the screen as he flew around with a (probably) paedophilic snowman.

We drove for four hours after the gig last night to avoid this snowstorm BUT mainly so Joe (manager man) could do his “Fantasy Baseball Team League” thing this morning.

This ritual involves him hanging around on the phone for a good six hours talking team drafts with some sweaty men and according to the penis clad members of the band, it is similar to the Fantasy Football League.  

HOWEVER I think it draws more parallel tones with World of Warcraft, which leads me to be confused as to why I got mocked so heavily by most people when I use to play it? 

Isn’t Alan Shearer my Orc?

Wayne Rooney my Paladin?

Kevin Keegan my level 7 Druid?

(Think I may be showing my lack of football knowledge here)

The Fantasy Football league may be based on humanoids rather then mythical creatures but it still has no actual impact on the existing teams and is a similar breed of warm escapism. Plus most of the contenders taking part are wannabe footballers, much like most of the players on WOW are repressed sword wielding elves.

I played World of Warcraft for a good week before I realised I was rubbish at it, and I could not justify the cost to my bank account and my time.

Plus I was trying to complete this mission and this weird woman/Elvin overlord “adopted” me and tried to teach me how to fight, she was very rude about my battling ability and when I tried to apologise she told me “never to apologise to her.” She seemed to think she was my Mr Miyaki. Anyway I ran away from her and consequently immediately died. But to celebrate this realisation here is the classic YouTube sketch about an attack between players which goes very wrong…

P.s   I saw someone who looked similar to Neil Gaiman at the show last night, so instinctively I thought I  would check his twitter just to see what he was up to… oddly enough it turned out he was watching Jason Webly at a venue eight Minutes down the road (yes I googlemapped it) …an 8 minute distance between us! It’s sad to think thats the closest I will ever be to him. Sign etc.

Ellen x

I hope a lady wins Wrestlemania.


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Yay, ya’ll are here!
I sent ya’ll an email asking for Miserabilia tonight.
I hope my wish comes true.
All my love,

Comment by Blake

Ellen you’re the one I wished I got to talk to in Burlington, VT, drats!

Comment by Peter


sudamerica tour!!!

and Chili what?? come on!!

Comment by Ricardo

ellen, one wonders how you can be rubbish at a game where you just.. click stuff? 😛

Comment by Alex

mixtapes AND WoW.

this girl rules!

Comment by karel

You have to click stuff quickly. Jeeze….

Comment by Ellen


Comment by calum

what characters do you play? I liked the small ugly orc like ones…the orcs x

Comment by Ellen

yeah, those are the orcs, innit. ugh, i almost hate to talk about it, but at the same time am so very glad to get it out of my system. i have a level 65 undead warlock, whilst duncan has a level 73 (!!!) undead mage. everyone asks us “ARE YOU GUYS PLAYING TOGETHER!!!!” and we sometimes say yes and sometimes say no. BECAUSE IT’S THE TRUTH. xx

Comment by calum

also ellen, it isn’t about clicking quickly once you get the hotkeys/user-defined-shortcuts down. MAYBE YOU SHOULD START PLAYING AGAIN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH OH GOD I HATE MY LIFE

Comment by calum

actually, i’m playing wow right now, and i’m so close to level 66, it hurts. so make it level 66

Comment by calum

level 66! I think I got to like level 4… I had this mission in a cave and just kept dying… plus I lost my body a few times and couldnt find it. I am currently playing Zelda on the ds and i find that challenging… I think it may be for ages 6 and up… are you and duncan competing with each other or are you a team? x

Comment by Ellen

I just lol’d so hard. Fast clicking ftw.

I’m all like level 46 draenei paladin.

I am addicted to addons. got like… 15 installed.

Comment by benkehoe

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