April 5, 2009, 6:28 pm
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Bahahaha 😀

Comment by Anonymous

Ahaha, are you serious? My brother’s actually going to a party for this tonight, and I was forced to watch Stone Cold’s induction to the Hall of Fame last night, sigh. I was impressed by his beer drinking abilities.

Comment by Angela

USA in a nutshell.

Comment by Peter

Fulham did more to improve humanity in 90 mins yesterday than this trash since its inception. This is the republicans’ second best weapon after NASCAR and it does the job, I must say. I get it, it’s a joke (I can only hope…)

Comment by Emery

Of course I’m not joking. I regularly speak of how much I like WWE.
I don’t think everything has to be about ‘improving humanity’.
And I don’t understand what “Fulham did more to improve humanity in 90 mins yesterday” means. I don’t think it ACTUALLY means anything.

Comment by Gareth

Thank you, Gareth. While I did attend a WWE event in college and was rather disturbed by willingness of the audience to throw around racial epithets in the cheap seats(particularly since I’m decidedly not white), I also agree that there’s a particular kind awesomeness to it that you just can’t find anywhere else. Appreciate the spectacle for all it is and can be, whether it’s the cheesy narrative, men performing amazing feats in tights, or the abundance of fried food at such events.

These may be of interest?

Comment by Eric

HBK for the win.

Comment by ciaran

Gareth, thanks for validating my recent obsession with WWE No Mercy for N64. Now I will never stop playing. Never

Comment by Garrett

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