Food Review – Minneapolis 04/04/09 by Ollie
April 6, 2009, 1:34 am
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Yesterday we found ourselves in Minneapolis.  The venue did do food, but only when the doors opened, so that was a bit too late, so we were left to find our own dinner.  We were told that there was a place round the corner that did both sushi and Thai food.  When we got there it turned out it was two different restaurants.  Some of us went in the Japanese which mainly did Sushi but also did other Japanese dishes.

The place was called Koyi Sushi, the decor was nice apart from the TV that was showing the Weather Channel!  I decided to go for the Chicken Teriyaki Meal.  This came with Miso coup, salad, rice and steamed broccoli.  The Miso soup arrived first.  It had a nice flavour, the seaweed wasn’t too fishy, as sometimes it can be.  There wasn’t that much tofu in it, but as I’m not the biggest fan of tofu that wasn’t a concern.  The salad was alright, though there could have been more cucumber in it.

img_0052 The Chicken Teriyaki was a decent size.  The chicken was slightly dry but going against the wetness of the Teriyaki sauce it made for a nice contrast.  The sauce was actually too sweet, which happens a lot with Teriyaki, but it was still full of flavour.  The steamed Broccoli was nice and crunchy, though it was covered in a sort of ginger salsa which was nice, though there was too much of it on the Broccoli.  The plate also had another salad, but this was made up of a piece of iceberg lettuce and a whole load of grated carrot.  It seemed that it had only been put on the plate to take up space.  The rice came in a separate bowl so this could have gone on the plate instead.  The rice was a nice consistency, and had a lot of texture.

The cost before tax and tip was $18.95, which I felt was a lot.  You did get a lot of food, but the quality did not support the price.

We look at Omaha tomorrow and see what it has to offer.


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Great review. Keep it up. I’ve had sushi at that place before. I think the sushi was good going down, but I felt ill later.

Little did I know that I would come to love sushi later.

The best sushi can be had a little ways from your Seattle gig on 45th. Musashi’s. You won’t regret it. Here’s a super long link to a google map.

Also, Quinn’s across the street from Neumo’s has great food. And the chippy attached to Neumo’s has good chips.

Again, great show in Milwaukee. I reviewed it in my blog.

Comment by mjonthemove

i ate at the thai place next to there. at around 7pm on the 4th. hmm….

Comment by s

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