Food Review – Omaha 05/04/09 by Ollie
April 7, 2009, 7:29 am
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Omaha didn’t have much to offer us.  It was a sunday and most places were closed.  Even the coffee shop was closed!  There was two options; Espana a tapas place up the road from the venue or Bronco’s; a local burger joint.  Well dear readers, as you may know I’ve already had tapas on this tour once so I thought I would try something else.  Bronco’s it was.

I’m not a big fan of fast food at all.  I’ll go out of my way to avoid having it.  I was in McDonald’s in Detroit the other day buying Cheeseburgers for Tom and Neil and there was lots of people counting out the pennies to be able to buy a burger.  It’s really sad that a country as highly developed as America can still only make burgers the cheapest food rather than carrots and apples.

I felt like a burger last night and something that is local is worth trying as you won’t see it anywhere else.  Bronco’s has two establishments in Omaha so we hit up the one closest to the venue.  I went for a Cheeseburger Double Combo which was a Cheeseburger with two burgers in it, fries and a drink.

img_0056The burger was good.  The burger was nice and meaty, really tender.  Not chewy, as this can happen sometimes if they’ve been sat around for a while.  It had pickles and mustard in which added that little bit of spiciness to it.  The cheese was your typical American Processed Cheese but it didn’t taste too chemically.  The Bun was also nice and soft.  The main thing was that there was a contrast in textures, which sometimes doesn’t happen with fast food burgers.

The fries were good.  They looked nice and were trying to be bit more like traditional style French Fries with keeping the skins on.  The only thing was that they had been clearly sat around for a while and had gone soggy.  Moreover, there was too many of them.  The Fry to Burger ratio was completely out of proportion and this meant I had loads of fries left at the end.  I gave up trying to eat them all.  I had  a Sprite, which was nice and refreshing, not too chemically, which can sometimes happen with fast food drinks.

A good burger then and it was only $5.71 for the meal.  You can understand why people go to McDonalds during these cash strapped times.  Unfortunately, it did come back to haunt me during the gig but the less about that the better!

Tomorrow we look at Sterling, Colorado and see what it has to keep us going on the road to Denver.


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When you guys make it to California, and your still willing to eat fast food, definitely find an In-N-Out Burger joint. Its quite possibly the best fast food America has to offer.

Be sure to check out their “secret menu” on the site that isn’t listed in the stores.

Comment by Peter

Hey LC! When you come to Portland, try out Michael’s Italian Beef and Sausage Restaurant. It’s pretty impressive and I’m more than sure that you guys will enjoy it! There’s also The Thirsty Lion Pub. Those two will be your best shot for a great meal over here!

Comment by Jordan DeCloedt

Shouldn’t the name alone be enough to sway your decision to go there?
Gross. I’m a fast food snob though – Lick’s and Harvey’s are the only choices for me, at least in Canada.
Ollie, I believe that one day you’ll have a meal where everything is proportioned out to your liking.

Comment by ProblemSleuth

Oh yeh man, all that burning flesh sounds awesome.

Comment by Gareth

Gareth would like The Old Wives’ Tale in Portland, it’s about a 10 minute drive from the Wonder Ballroom, or a 30 minute walk, totally worth the yummy vegan/vegetarian food.

Comment by Peter

Have you had a Lick’s nature burger, Gareth? I THINK NOT. No flesh involved. Or dairy, or eggs, for that matter. Pure delicious, and it’s on a nice whole wheat bun, as opposed to that mashed up enriched white bread crap in the picture. Harvey’s is a quality step down, but still vegan, and delicious.

Comment by JDCPI

Sorry Julia, I was actually talking to Mr. Italian Beef and Sausage. I wish there was tiered replying on this thing.
That sounds delicious though.

Comment by Gareth

It is. I used the word delicious twice in that entry. That means I’m serious. Delicious.
P.S. Portland is not short of veg restaurants. There might be a district called Hawthorne? Go there. You won’t have to look hard to find a good place.

Comment by ProblemSleuth

Haha, i’m quite pedantic about my food ratios too. we’re the only normal people in the world.

Comment by Trung

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