Food Review – Sterling 06/04/09 by Ollie
April 7, 2009, 7:36 pm
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Yesterday we found ourselves on the road to Denver.  We didn’t leave Omaha till quite late so we were going to get into Denver a bit too late for dinner, so we decided to look for somewhere on the way.  Due to the wonder of the internet we located two places in Sterling, Colorado.  One was called TJ Bummer’s (a diner) and a Mexican called Santiago’s  We decided to go with the Mexican.  It was a tiny establishment, clearly family run, but it had a broad menu.

I decided to go with the Large Combo, which consisted of an Enchilada, a Burrito, Tacos, Tamala, Rice and Beans.  


The Tamala arrived in a maize leave.  I’ve looked for Tamala on the net but I couldn’t find it, so I’m not really sure what it was made of.  Me and Neil came to the conclusion that it contained beef.  It had a funny taste and texture.  The enchilada was nice, just the right amount of cheese in it.  The Burrito had a lot of filling, though it was mainly beans.  The Tacos were the tastiest.  There was a soft and hard one.  Both had a nice amount of beans and a nice portion of salad.  The salad was fresh and crunchy.  

The dish came with a chili sauce that was supposedly smoothered on the enchilada and the burrito.  The thing was it was so runny that it had just rolled off the enchilada and burrito and was swirling round the plate.  The level of spiciness was good, it created a nice tang in my mouth but didn’t cause me to sweat!

It was $9 for a lot of food, I didn’t manage all of it.  It would be a perfect meal for two small eaters.

Log on to see what the ‘Mile High City’ has to offer.


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I think they’re spelled Tamales, actually, maybe that’ll help track them down on the internet? Looks like a tamale, anyway.

Comment by Ian Mathers

It is indeed a tamale, they’re steamed in the corn husk which is why they have such a wierd texture.

Comment by rachel

Welcome to Denver! Sorry, I couldn’t attend your concert at the Bluebird but I hope you all will visit again, I had class during that time 😦 BTW, Santiago’s has the best green chile sauce in Colorado (aside, of course, from my mom’s.)

Comment by Dane Elshof

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