The View From The Back Of The Van by Gareth
April 8, 2009, 11:18 pm
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I feel like I should write a little something so that Ollie’s ‘News In Blowjobs’ isn’t the top news piece. We’re about seven hours into our 20+ hour drive from Denver, Colorado to Seattle, Washington.

I always sit in the back left of the van. Always. It’s because if we crash I will be the last one out of the door, and I am a martyr.

Somewhere just south of the Colorado/Wyoming border, we drove past a field with about 7 football pitches on it. Nothing makes me rubber neck like a football pitch. Even if I’m in the UK and we drive past one I have to stare at it for as long as possible, but in the US the fasicnation is greater. I think seeing football pitches is the thing that makes me most homesick though. I hate missing the end of the season.

The scenery has been almost entirely dirt tracks and snow capped mountains. Ollie estimates we’ve driven in 80% of US States. I think we may get a few more under our belts before the year is out. A complete set would be a good boast.

I’m listening to Liars. When They Were Wrong So We Drowned came out, I kind of dismissed it, but it’s become my favourite Liars album in the past couple of months.

I’m excited to get to Seattle. We have a tiny amount of time off there, and Parenthetical Girls are in town, so I am very excited about getting to hang out. And we’ll reconvene with John for a bit also. Though we’ve only been out of the studio for less than two weeks, it seems an age ago. Touring completely skews my sense of time and space. I can only be certain it’s Wednesday because it’s the second consecutive day of Champions League football.

I don’t remember where we are staying this evening, but it has been widely described as ‘the middle of nowhere’. I predict an evening in with Adut Swim then. Always a pleasure.

Yesterday in Denver we had a chance to go record shopping, at a place called Twist And Shout. Really good store. I picked up a Xiu Xiu/High Places split (each with a unique David Horvitz polaroid), the new Lady Sov album (I think her So Human track might be my favourite single of the year thus far), a copy of Red State by Gowns (I already have this, so Im unsure why I bought it again. I think I just wanted to have a copy with me. It was only $5, and is one of my top ten favourite albums ever, I think). And I got the new Casiotone For The Painfully Alone album. I’d been lucky enough to hear a promo of it, and have been enjoying it for a fortnight, so was keen to own the real thing. For me, it’s his best body of work to date, and sits perfectly as a record and as a story. The artwork is beautiful too:

I think for the rest of today’s journey I’m gonna work out my fifty favourite albums, and watch some Teachers on DVD. We’re currently group watching Dumb And Dumber. Neil and Tom are managing to restrain themselves from pre-empting every piece of dialogue.

Nice one Chelsea.


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I love that Lady Sov song! She sent me a message on Twitter about buying her CD. Is it worth it?

Comment by Angela

red state is truly, truly wonderful. i never seem to meet anyone else who’s found gowns. they’re so good live.

Comment by e.

Fucking hell, I wish I could find that Gowns CD for $5 up here. I love that record, or at least I love the MP3s, but the shit thing about Canada is that we pay import for UK AND US indie records.

Comment by Ian Mathers

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