Food Review – Denver 07/04/09 by Ollie
April 9, 2009, 6:00 am
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So we were in Denver yesterday.  Sometimes asking the local crew what is good to eat is the best idea when your in a town that you haven’t been to.  The crew suggested a Thai restaurant or the Goosehead Tavern, which according to the montior engineer did more than just your typical pub grub.  So we decided to go with this option.

Well I’m not sure what his idea of more than typical pub grub is but the menu consisted of burgers and pizza.  Okay, they seemed fanicer than what you get in a Wetherspoons in Britain, but it didn’t blow my mind away.  If they had had a pie on the menu I would have been extremely happy.

I went for the Veggie Sandwich with Pasta Salad.  I felt I needed some vegetables.  As it was just a sandwich you think it would come quite quickly.  Well after 30 minutes it still hadn’t come.  The waitress said they had had a rush, well considering we were some of the first of “the rush”, that seemed a bit of a bad excuse.

When it did eventually come it was well presented.  The veggie filling was very thick with spinach, mushrooms, peppers, lettuce and tomato.  The filling it had a nice balsamic vinaigrette, which was slightly sweet and went well with the veg.  The bread was similar to a foccacia, it was nice and fresh, and very soft, but not so soft that it fell apart in your hands.  

The pasta salad was good.  The pasta was al dente, and it was very garlicy, with bits of onion and pepper.  It went well with the sandwich.


It was a nice meal, but it was your typical pub grub rather than anything different.  It was also not the place to go if your in a hurry.

It was $9 (US), which wasn’t too bad as it was a pretty big portion.

Tomorrow we look at Tad Doyle’s hometown of Boise City, Idaho.


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i’m hangry nowww! See you soon to Caracas town guys! you make my holidays to Venezuela much more interesting!

btw i still believe that you are playing there? are u? lolzzz

besos!!! xxx

Comment by nadsat orange

* still can’t believe i wanted to say! heehee

Comment by nadsat orange

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