Inside My Bones by Gareth
April 9, 2009, 8:13 pm
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April 9th, my day for the van mix CD, on our drive from Boise, Idaho to Seattle, Washington. Sadly, I didn’t have any unused, blank CD-Rs with me, so I had to reuse an old one belonging to our Tour Manager, Joe. He was upset to see it go, but yanno:


Inside My Bones

The Moon (Version) – The Microphones
In Earth’s PalmFormer Ghosts
Michael – Telepathe
Lorelei – Cocteau Twins
Sit Right HereHearts Of Animals
-Tickley Feather-
On The Sacred Side – Black Eyes
I Will Come Again – Bobby Birdman
Funeral Tango – Scott Walker
Concrete Life – Huggy Bear
King Of Breakfasts (A Dramatic Reading) – Gareth and Ollie (feat. Tom)
White Like Heaven – Gowns
Where Does A Body End – Swans
-Tickley Feather-
Lauren MarieGirls
Write To Your BrotherPerfume Genius
Haunted MealtimesElbows Like Swords
Telegraph – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Can I Take U 2 The Cinema? – Kenickie
Poppies – Lipsick!
Jerk – Muscles
-Tickley Feather-
Ceremony – Xiu Xiu
I Love You (But You’re Boring) – The Beautiful South

Some Notes:

  • This is fairly typical of my musical tastes, whilst still attempting not to have a load of songs/bands that everyone in the van already knows I like, and minus noisy/ambient stuff. No Mouthus.
  • The ‘Tickley Feather’ bits are snippets of speech I took from her self-titled record to act as segues.
  • The move from the Black Eyes track into Bobby Birdman works LITERALLY perfectly.
  • There are three songs on there I’d like to cover. Maybe one day.
  • The The Beautiful South track might be my favourite song. Probably not, such a decision would be impossible to make I spose, but if a gun was pointed at my head…well then I’d totally get the bastard in an arm lock, push him to the ground, stamp on his head. But then I’d be all like:

“I Love You (But You’re Boring), motherfucker”

…BANG BANG. Just like Cactus Jack.

  • That version of The Moon, is amazing. Potentially even more emotional than the original. It’s all organ and horns and Phil’s vocal, and was a perfect opening track.
  • Girls and Perfume Genius are signed to a record label that I’m “involved with”. I keep meaning to make a proper blog post about it, but I’m more comfortable writing about football and broken bogs. I haven’t been so excited about two ‘new’ bands/artists in such a long time though. Perfume Genius especially, is just the most scarily beautiful music I’ve ever heard. Genuinely, ever.
  • How many songs on Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel, sound like the Thunderbirds theme tune?

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Hey guys, thanks for MTL. Here’s your review on midnight poutine:

Comment by Sepi


But thank you for your lovely words. Very kind.

Comment by Gareth

Your mix IS totally awesome!
I am not sure how I feel about the Anal Sluts though.

Comment by Blake

I can’t decide what I’m impressed MORE by: The elaborate mix? The exquisite taste in pornography? Is it really a loss? I’m vexed.

Comment by Jen

I have that Scott Walker CD – it really doesn’t do much justice to Mr Brel’s songs, unfortunately..

Comment by Daniel

which songs would you like to cover?

Comment by e.

not exactly about the mix, but relative…
just found out today via pitchfork that a show of yours in CA is with former ghosts. i’m sad i won’t be there!

Comment by ProblemSleuth

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t attempt to ruin that Gowns song.


Comment by Gareth

There’s a version of Ryan Jarman doing a cover of Concrete Life somewhere. It’d be intriguing to hear LC!’s take on it though.

Comment by Daniel

you leave kenickie alone! saying that, that song would probably work. be good to it, at least.

Comment by e.

Aha, if you locate that mp3, I’d be very curious to hear it, please.

Comment by Gareth

From the stuff I’m familiar with, that looks like a fucking great mix. Where’s that version of The Moon from?

Have you ever heard the Galaxie 500 cover of Ceremony? It’s really slow and dreamy and wonderful. (There are no bad versions of that song)

Also: King Of Breakfasts (A Dramatic Reading) – Gareth and Ollie (feat. Tom)


Comment by Miles

I believe it’s off the re-issue of The Glow PT.2.

Comment by Blake

Oh of course, thanks Blake. I really need to buy that.

Comment by Miles

[audio src="" /]

There you go Gareth

Comment by Daniel

thanks for perfume genius.
it made me go listen to him/them

Comment by eden

I, too, would be very interested in an mp3 of King Of Breakfasts (A Dramatic Reading) – Gareth and Ollie (feat. Tom)^.^

Comment by Nick

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