Food Review – Seattle 10/04/09 by Ollie
April 12, 2009, 2:43 am
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So I’m doing a second review for Seattle, just because we were there two nights and I’m determined to review every single meal.  Unfortunately, I ate my meal before I realised I hadn’t taken a picture!  Ooops!

So, we went a place called Boom,a Japanese restaurant on Capitol Hill.  It mainly did noodles rather than sushi.  I went for Beef Yakisoba.   The noodles were al dente, with plenty of bite they hadn’t gone soggy and they weren’t crunchy.  The beef was tender though slightly overcooked, but generally beef is supposed to be a bit crispy.  There was plenty of vegetables in it.  It was pretty spicy, probably the spiciest Japanese I’ve ever had.  I did come across some large chunks of chili which gave quite a punch.  There was a decent amount of ginger as well, that contrasted nicely with the chili.  It added a little bit of sweetness as well.  The sauce was the right consistency and the right amount, it covered the noodles well and didn’t leave anything soggy.

The portion was a decent size, I felt full after I’d eaten it but not bloated.  And the price? $11.95 which seemed a suitable price.  Neil described it as a better version of Wagamamas (a Japanese Restaurant Chain in the UK), and it was definitely better, by a long way.

Tomorrow we look north to Vancouver.


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wagamama’s extended it’s neon claws over to australia as well. have yet to try it though. I’m not over my local noodle bar yet…

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