Portland by Ellen
April 14, 2009, 4:01 am
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Last night in Portland we played this


Ate some of this


Had a few of these


But not enough to get like this


And I really missed this


Today I saw this


And I finally caved in and bought this


But its ok because I also bought its oldern day equivilent


And last night we were shocked to find out Alek had never heard of these






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I proudly read the Twilight series at the same time I was reading “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.” It really is wonderful and happy-making in a very embarrassing, teen angsty kind of way. Happy reading!

Comment by kayla

Ooo was Tokyo! a good movie, Ellen?

Comment by Peter

Aleks cleary needs to spend more time on the internets circa 2007. Or, she can just start postin more and we’ll still think she’s “with it.”

yr posts weer wantin dem!!

Comment by Eric

Argh, don’t give in to Twilight! WORST BOOKS EVER, for realz. Stephenie Meyer is a BAD WOMAN and should not be allowed to call herself an author!

Comment by Yaz

i can’t believe anyone could be on the interwebs and not see a lolcat! if you haven’t seen lolpresidents, it’s similar and similarly great.

Comment by rp

best book ever written featuring someone holding and apple on the cover = and not twilight. 🙂

Comment by S. Pooley

an* apple

Comment by S. Pooley

I went through a Twilight phase, though I didn’t finish the series.

Best/worst part about seeing it in the theatre: ~40 year old couple sitting in front of me. Man was literally at the edge of his seat during most of it. He sobbed at the end.

Before watching Twilight that day, I saw the series finale of Six Feet Under. No question, it was the most emotionally affecting television I’ve ever seen, which made that man’s reaction to a trivial teen drama/romance/whatever incredibly irritating. Who knows what else was going on in his life, I guess. Wish I could’ve overheard the movie debriefing between him and his wife/partner/friend (who was stone faced during the whole thing).

Decent escapist fiction, anyway.

Comment by Julia

The ending of sixth feet under is amazing, I got obsessed with that Sia song for a long time after seeing that…
So far I have read half of Twilight, it is lovely and distracting, although i do dislike Bella quite a bit. She seems… like an idiot.
Tokyo! is a good film, the three stories are incredibly innovative and wonderfully shot, however one of them could have been done with being trimmed down to twenty minutes, and the Gondry one went unnecessarily quirky for its own sake, but still better then most stuff on general release currently involving mall cops x

Comment by Ellen

that Sia song was a bit of an obsession of mine a couple yrs before I saw that episode, which made it all the more devastating, for whatever reason.
Seth Rogan is overrated.

Comment by Julia

Really, Aleks? Really?

Comment by KyleL

Lucky Aleks. What I would give to wipe lolcats from my mind completely, yeuch.

Comment by Laurence

I’ve gotta be honest, now that I have been initiated into the lolcats awareness fold my life hasn’t changed massively…although i can’t think what the hell I was up to in 07 to have missed the craze in the first place.
I’ll try to be more “with it” in the future; or at least have the decency to keep my ignorance secret so I don’t cause as much shock/offense again 🙂


Comment by Leks

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