COSTA MESA SHOW/South America News by Gareth
April 15, 2009, 4:21 am
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Costa Mesa

I am very sorry to announce that this Thursday’s Costa Mesa show has had to be cancelled. Due to us playing Coachella on the weekend, and certain exclusivity agreements, our Orange County show has to be pulled. This is a decision that is outside of our hands. I’m personally very sorry that this has had to happen. We were going to be playing the show with my pal Freddy’s new band Former Ghosts. They are probably my favourite band of the year thus far, and I was really excited about getting to see them play. Sucks. If you were planning on attending, I hope we get to make it up to you sometime, and please know we are upset this has had to happen.

South America

We have had a lot of lovely people from Brazil/Chile/Peru inquiring as to why we’re going to Argentina/Venezuela/Colombia, and not popping by to see them. Obviously we’d really love to, but it’s totally an issue of where we were invited to play (ie, not Chile/Peru etc) and how much we can afford to do. Hopefully these shows will be really awesome and the public demand in future will be TOO MUCH to keep us away and then we’ll get really rich and famous and we’ll be able to see you all the time. But until then, please accept our sincere apologies.


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hey los campesinos gays don t know if you ll get to read this msn but it seemed to me as you re coming to Colombia soon that it could be a way of letting you know. The thing is that i m a cinema student in Bogota and me and some friends just finish a great short film and we think that your song “you me dancing” is the proper one to go with it, please if you got this message let me know so we can get in touch and show you the short film to see what you think about, sincerely, Sergio Gonzalez.

Comment by Sergio Gonzalez

argh… I spent all week trying to inquire about fake IDs and lookalike IDs to try to sneak into Detroit Bar and see you guys šŸ˜¦

please tell me youll back in Southern California soon :(((( play at UC Irvine, in fact…

Comment by pete


Comment by olive

Damn, that sucks. I was really looking forward to the show, but I understand. Hopefully, you guys will be back around soon.

Any idea what the deal is regarding refunds?

P.S. You could check out Former Ghosts with Jamie Stewart on Saturday if you guys are still in the area.

Comment by Steve

We’re expecting you anxiously here in Venezuela =)The show is gonna be PACKED. You’ll love this country.


-Cheky from JĆ³venes y Sexys

Comment by Cheky

Don’t you people have lawyers??? Fuck an exclusive contract with Coachella. Play as “The Peasants” for one night and change 1 note on each song and you are in the clear.

By the way, indentured servitude was outlawed quite some time ago.

Comment by Wayne

You’re so punk rock.

Comment by Gareth

I even tried to book a flight to see you guys in Buenos Aires, but because april 21st ia a holiday here in brazil, all flights were full. i guess iĀ“ll have to be patient and wait. please donĀ“t forget to include brazil (rio specially) on your next tour!

Comment by Stephanie

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