Food Review – the road and Medford 13/04/09 by Ollie
April 15, 2009, 6:17 pm
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If you’ve read anything about us recently you may have noticed we mentioned a place called Whole Foods.  Whole Foods is supermarket that primarily stocks organic and fairtrade produce.  It also has an amazing hot food and salad bar where you can get pretty much anything you want.  We were leaving Portland about 3.30pm so we were going to be on the road when we were having dinner so I decided to get something from Wholefoods.  In my effort to stay healthy I went for the salad bar.

img_0072The salad bar enabled me to pick whatever I wanted, which is so much better than buying a pre-made salad.  I went for some mixed leaves which had a lot of variety but seemed quite limp.  Some cherry tomatoes which were very sweet and juicy, with plenty of flavour.  Some purple cabbage which was very crunchy.  Some olives which were nice but they could have done with a bit more flavour.  Carrot which was shredded to a nice consistency, it wasn’t too thin, I feel if it’s too thin you don’t actually realise you’re eating carrot.  I also went for Radish as you may know I’m a fan, but this was disappointing, it had a nice texture but there was literally no flavour, a let down.  I added some sweetcorn as well, which despite being quite watery but was very sweet.

Alongside my salad I had some Sweet Potato tortilla chips.  These weren’t potato chips but rather tortilla chips with bits of sweet potato in them.  They were nice but there wasn’t a real sense that you were actually eating sweet potato.  They went well with my salad.  The suggestions for what to have them with was strange including fruit salsa and apple butter.

When we got to Medford, Neil and Gareth had pizza.  I was hungry later so I had a piece of Gareth’s pizza.  It had a pesto sauce on it which had a lot of flavour.  There were a lot of vegetables on it, some chunks were too big, they just made the base go soggy.  The real problem was that there was loads of garlic on it.  I like garlic but it was so overpowering that you couldn’t really taste anything else.  Despite brushing my teeth very hard I could still taste it in the morning.

Next, Sacremento.


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Next, Sacremento.

Oh, that’s too bad.

Comment by Seitz

Damn you, Los Campesinos! I live in LA. I’m old and have a job so I can’t see you at Coachella. You played here almost 2 years ago and my friends went to see you, but I had no idea who you were at the time so I skipped it. Then I bought your first record and decided that you are my favorite band since the Pixies, which is mighty high praise, since they have been my favorite band since I was 14 years old.

Now, here we are 2 years later, and this whole time, I’ve been waiting patiently for you to return. I saw you were coming to California, so I rushed to the website to see where I could see you play. No LA show, okay. But you were scheduled to play some skeezy-looking bar in Santa Barbara that I could get to pretty easily. Then that was canceled, and you announced a show in Costa Mesa. A little far, but the trip was worth it to finally hear my favorite new songs live. Tickets were actually on sale! They had a graphic on their website! I snapped up 2 tickets and started my wife on a 2 month intensive Campesinos! training regimen so she could shout along like a pro.

And then today, I get an email saying the show was canceled! To be fair, after the Santa Barbara cancellation, I wasn’t holding my breath. And I understand that you probably need to reserve some energy for Coachella. But when am I going to get to see you? When?

Could you do some sort of fantasy rock camp package where you swing by my apartment and play for some of my friends? I have turned at least 10 people on to your music. By my calculations, that’s $10 in your pocket that you wouldn’t have if it weren’t for my diligent efforts. That’s gotta be worth something!

Comment by Jeffrey D.

Oh, and PS yesterday was my birthday and that makes it even worse, somehow.

Comment by Jeffrey D.

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