Seattle/Vancouver/Portland recap. by Gareth
April 15, 2009, 1:48 am
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I’ve drafted and re-drafted this weekend recap so many times, but simplicity is probably the best.

Some Notes…

  • Went to see Wavves with Neil and Haz. Rad show, great venue.
  • Bamboo Garden is king.
  • Zac Pennington is actually king. I love that man too much. I never get to see him because we live in different countries etc, but it’s always awesome to hang out. Ultimate favourite person.
  • Bought these records, all for under $20. I owned them all already off emusic or something, but 3 of 4 have lyrics sheets, so it’s worth it:

  • Katie Harkin off of Sky Larkin’s birthday. Which was one of the most fun nights of my life y’know:
  • Easter Sunday with Eddie and Rachael. Accidentally repeatedly dis Fleet Foxes (I’ve still not heard them, but this cover of a song of theirs by First Aid Kit is beautiful). Ground Control – a bar that is also an amusement arcade. NBA Jam and The Simpsons. Worst Strip Club ever – I managed to buy a drink and sit down before noticing any nudity. Surely not a place for subtlety. Party on back at the hotel. Full violence wrestling and cheap rum. This is what my teenage years should have been like.



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Love the review of your Wonder Ballroom show:

Comment by Jordan DeCloedt

cue “aaaaaw”‘s after that zac statement.

Comment by eden

a) I wish I could go to Coachella 😦
b) Why are there so many gaps in your question-answering?
c) Tom is super adorable

Comment by Stupold P. Doggsworth

i love the shift of hope to slight anger on tom’s face

Comment by Jasmine

Do you mean:
b) so guys, you seem to be constantly on tour/recording/doing press, and must be pretty busy I suppose, and it’s great that you have this blog and post on it and stuff, and sure you probably want to email your parents or friends at home occasionally, or maybe have some leisure time, but how come you’re not spending every other available second answering questions on your blog?


Comment by Gareth

You’re fucking awesome, Tom.

Comment by Nick

saw wavves monday night here. they are so good!

Comment by rp

I just want to apologize to the band member (Neil or Tom I think) who took a swig of my mostly-empty beer while you were in the crowd in Seattle. It was hot, and I had been dancing quite a lot of course. Next time you are in Seattle I would be happy to make up for it with a fresh, cold beer of whatever flavor you prefer.

Comment by chuck

That’s quite alright, Chuck. I was being cheeky and it was all I deserved… but thank you for such kindness…

Comment by tomcamp

I thought it was grand when you made fun of fleet foxes.

They are coming back to San Francisco to play
which means you should come back here and play.

to the a. b. c. fellow

If you noticed Los Campesinos! has been playing back to back shows. Let them be. They will get to you questions when they have time. Don’t be such a Debbie Downer.

I only got the chance to speak to Gareth and Ollie, but I am guessing the rest of Los Campesinos! Is equally great. Thank you for not crushing my dreams and being dicks

good day

Comment by Vanessa

ness i don’t see it!

Comment by radical belly button

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