Oh Our Lives (San Francisco) by Gareth
April 16, 2009, 10:24 pm
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I have no idea how on earth we got ourselves into this situation. Three years ago we formed a band through boredom and thinking we could be better than the bands that played first on at every gig we went to at Cardiff Barfly. Now, April 2009, I wake up in the same hotel as Glasvegas, with a stinking hangover, after an evening of party with Sky Larkin, Yoni Wolf, Girls and drag queens. Thank you for enabling us to do this. I swear we are making the most of it.

Some Notes…

  • We’ve never been able to spend as much time in SF as we’d like to.
  • Show was rad. I owe a massive, massive thank you to Vanessa, who came through with the ventolin, which means I can get as drunk in the desert as I want, and not have to worry about dying (through an asthma attack. Alcohol poisoning or melting is still very much a possibility).
  • Show And Tell With Tom And Doug:
  • Our Tour Manager, Joke Puleo, has had the pleasure of touring with Why? in the past, when they’ve supported Yo La Tengo.  Subsequently, Yoni made the trip from Oakland to come hang out and watch us play. He’s a lovely, funny man, and in ultimate flattery, he wanted our record after the show.
  • End Of Tour, “Do A Gig” Huddle:
  • Also in attendance were our pals Girls. They’re signed to the label I mentioned being “involved with”, the other day. They’re San Fran residents so were able to tell us the cool hangouts to go after the show. Choice had to be made between Paradise Lounge or the Eagle. An employee of the Paradise place described the Eagle as “butt-fucking, hairy chests”, so that’s where we headed. Girls are the best people. They’re touring the UK soon, so I get to see them play at Bristol Dot To Dot Festival. Very excited.
  • Really fun drag act, called Anna Conda. Me and Doug chatted with her lots afterwards, and she knew our band. She thought Ellen was the girl from the Ting Tings though.
  • Class photo:

  • When we got back to the hotel, Neil heard some Scotch people talking, so he did the British thing and went and spoke to them. It was only motherfucking Glasvegas.  He said they were very friendly, but me and Neil were mostly just jealous because they had an entourage of girls with them, and we just end up alone in our rooms every night, talking about mexican food or Football Manager. Also, someone from Glasvegas has a shared library (Glas Vegas’ Library) on iTunes (shared librarys annoy me generally) and they only had two Cocteau Twins albums (Treasure, and Heaven And Las Vegas), which I thought was strange (I think that’s just based on them being Scottish and wearing black a lot). They did have TWO mp3s of Caravan Of Love by The Housemartins though, which redeemed them in my eyes.  And yes, nice people, I hope their show in SF tonight goes really well.
  • Sky Larkin have left us now, to go back to Yorkshire. We first played with them in Bradford, on September 13 2006, and have remained the best of friends (or perhaps Awesome Pals) since. They are amazing people and an amazing band, and we love them dearly. Me and Katie were debating last night whether if we pretended to be going out it would make us get more famous. I cannot speak highly enough of them.


“If I had sex with a female dog, how come it wouldn’t make a dogman?”

-Neil Campesinos!



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scottish people are not a form of alcoholic drink gareth.

Comment by eden

Gareth, just hoping that you actually are taking a decent controller med for your asthma, British medical care scares me, even more so seeing my mum is still suffering it. Your posts begging for an inhaler had me very worried for you. Just hoping you will be all set now. Enjoy Coachella and breathe easy

Comment by jane

Thanks very much for your concern. I’m well sorted for Coachella now. All set to have a brilliant time.

I am a big fan of the British Health Service though. It has only ever been good to me. If I were in the UK I’d have been able to sort out an inhaler in a matter of a few small hours, so I cannot complain. It’s just having been away from home for the past four months (and my ever increasing carelessness) that has led my inhaler supplies to dwindle. G

Comment by Gareth

Holy crap you met Yoni Wolf! Amazing. I am very glad to have helped you do these things by buying yr stuff. Looking forward to enthusiastic Coachella reportage (and glad you got your inhaler situation sorted, Gareth)

Comment by Miles

I was at Coachella in ’07, and it is still one of the best experiences I’ve had, despite the extreme heat. I wish I could’ve come this year, but finals and money made that impossible. You guys were great in Vancouver!! Have a great show in Cali, and remember to hydrate.

Comment by Diana


Comment by Jenn

I emigrated to San Francisco last summer, was quite worried I’d miss the chance to you play a show like last night again (not knowing what to expect from an audience this far west). So, thanks; it was the best I’ve seen you and I’m still over-excited about the whole thing.

Also, my American companion assured me he’s now going to buy all your records, and will apparently be taking my word as gospel truth whenever I suggest a show from now on. I think he liked it.

Less Peter Beardsley gags than at Brixton Windmill, though. Perhaps consider educational pamphlets on 1990s Premier League football for foreign audiences?

Comment by Ben

I don’t know which makes me happier, the fact that you guys actually have a “Do A Gig” Huddle or the fact that you posted video of it. Although now that I think about it, if the “Do A Gig” Huddle isn’t the awesome team building exercise you guys do prior to a gig, what can be more awesome and team buildingly than that?

Comment by Chris

Hombres and mujeres campesino. Blimey, the show last night was just tremendously awesome. You rock. I am terribly disappointed you did not go for some karaoke afterwards. Garreth, thanks for signing the album cover for my daughters. BTW, I’m glad you enjoyed the Eagle, but honestly, I think you got a bum steer there (pun intened). There are many much better bars. Ellen, ping me if you want detailed fun/cool ideas for your Ma’s visit to SF.
Rock on good people.

Comment by Big Ben

the show last night was great! gareth, it was great to be able to talk to someone about xiu xiu! for some reason, i seem not to meet people who’re familiar with them. it was a great night, with the exception being when i dropped the t-shirt i got somewhere between the above-the-ground and the underground and someone grabbed it w/in, like, two minutes. d’oh!

Comment by rp

Maybe some day, Gareth, you can provide some more information about your mysterious involvement with that label..
Have fun at Coachella, Campesinos’. I AM SO JEALOUS.

Comment by Julia

Dude I would find a dozen pro airs to see that show again and again for the rest of my life!
Thank you so much for making me dance my socks off

Comment by Vanessa

im glad your SF show went well. i only wish i could say the same for you costa mesa show, especially since i drove 7 hours from utah to see it.

Comment by Trent

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