Bored now by Leks
April 17, 2009, 2:06 am
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Apparently we just drove past the place where the great “window being sucked out of our tour bus” incident of the LC! 2007 US Tour took place. Considering there are no stand out landmarks I can’t see how Ollie can actually remember that. But he always delivers with so much authority it’s probably best not to argue…

We’re still 110 miles away from LA, which seems quite far…And I’m having one of those restless driving days where I pretty much wanted to start asking how long we had left as soon as we got in the van. I’m trying to distract myself by listening to a compilation of french pop ladies called “Sixties Girls” that I couldn’t resist buying after a write up in Aquarius Records made me feel like I wasn’t a worthwhile human being if i hadn’t listened to it. And having a secret passion for all things Burt Bacharach-like I thought it would probably be right up my street. Tom was less lucky and bought a CD by a band he has now remembered he thinks are crap.

I’ll bring this utterly pointless post to an end with an appeal to any San Fran natives for advice on how I can best fill 2 days in your lovely city. I’m meeting my ma there in a couple of weeks for a little holiday and obviously with the internet at my fingertips I could easily look things up myself but if there’s anything I really shouldn’t miss or an amazing restaurant or anything like that, please point me in the right direction. Ta. x

Oh and I now know what lolcats are. And I think it’s a bit rubbish really. But thanks for your concern everyone.

95 miles now…That’s still ages, right?


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at the rate of 1 blog post every 15 miles, 6.33 blog posts really isn’t that long lest you find these things torturous…. 😮

As for SF, as a non-native East Coaster w/ native friends, I certainly found enough pleasantly touristy-but-not-overtly-so things to do to keep myself happily occupied for 5 days last year. These are some things I was told, and some I did. I hope it’s still relevant.

If you want to do something really touristy, you should go to Alcatraz…it sounds so silly and typical, but of the cheesy tourist crap, it is definitely the best. Get the audio tour and walk around and listen to the history. The boat ride over there is very nice; try (not) to get splashed (depending on prerogative).

Go see whatever movie is playing at the Castro Theatre (that is in the very gay-oriented Castro District- it is like Gay Disneyland)—whatever movie is playing, it doesn’t matter. You just have to go see one of the last remaining beautiful movie houses. Last I checked, there is a huge pipe organ that is played before every show, like old times.

Then there are self-guided walking tours and wanderings around North Beach and/or Chinatown. Good food abounds in both neighborhoods, Italian and tea houses, respectively. People say go to City Lights in North Beachif you are remotely intellectually minded (I would agree), and across the street is the small but cool Beat museum. Pay homage. In Haight/Ashberry, there’s still lots of people you would imagine there during the Summer of Love- hippies, dirty drifters, etc. Bring a musical instrument into Haight Park and you are bound to make some friends. Lots of cheap cheap second hand clothing shops and record stores in the neighborhood, natch, and some great underground art galleries on the side streets off of the Haight.

All the way downtown at the Embarcadero, there is the Ferry Terminal building, which has a huge farmers market/art fair every weekend, both inside and outside of the building. From the ferry terminal building you have a view of the Bay Bridge, Sausalito, Alcatraz island, and on an exceptionally clear day, you may be able to see the Golden Gate bridge.

For a slightly more bourgeois evening, go for after dinner or sunset drinks at the “Top of the Mark”—this is the Mark Hopkins Hotel which is on Nobb Hill- the highest altitude in the city of San Fran….you get in an elevator and go to the top of the Marc and have an amazing view of the entire city, plus some piano music and a great selection of scotches. On the same topic of stunning views and fancy eats, the Carnelian Room also works. Located at the top of what used to be the Bank of America Center, the second tallest building in the city, they’ve got a beautiful 5-star brunch… for ‘only’ $60/head….

Oh, and of course ride a trolley, preferably standing and clinging for your life on the side. The Powell-Hyde is supposed to be the prettiest one, and yes, it sure is pretty on a sunny day. If you like bikes, take a bike ride around Golden Gate Park and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge early in the morning.

Finally, my friend Danny is there. He’s a good man full of good jokes, and moms love him. He comes with my highest recommendation.

Comment by Eric

Who’s all on the Sixties Girls CD? Francoise Hardy and France Gall are amazing French pop artists! =)

Comment by Angela

make sure you know how to handle the trolley though aleks, karen o almost hit herself with one in the video for zero…

oh, and i think you should find a local hip tour guide. i hear they’re pretty good at finding a local lard lad. just tell them the eagle has landed once you get there.

Comment by Trung

if you’re a fan of parks, i suggest you check out golden gate park. it’s super big, and totally awesome, especially the bits closer to the ocean. also, the sfmoma is great. they’ve got a great william kentridge thing going on through may, and they have one of the copies of ‘fountain’ by duchamp (though i guess i seem to be the only person who’s ever excited about that). also, the de Young museum has a neat warhol thing.

Comment by rp

A sure-fire cure for boredom? Answering questions

Comment by Alison

This is located in the tourist-heavy Fisherman’s Wharf area, but trust me, it’s a really bizarre little place that would be great for a mother & daughter excursion.

My personal favorite machine there is “Opium Den”.

Comment by Neal

I should also add that it was my birthday yesterday and I was devastated about the Costa Mesa show being cancelled. Serves me right for not going to Coachella, I guess.

Comment by Neal

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