Food Review – San Francisco 15/04/09 by Ollie
April 17, 2009, 7:45 am
Filed under: CHAFF

Tonight was in-house catering at Slim’s.  The chef, Jose, was a very friendly guy who expected us to know every British band personally that passed through.  So if White Lies or Friendly Fires read this, Jose at Slim’s says hi!

On the menu tonight was chicken, potatoes, vegetables, rice, beans and salad.  If you said you had been to Guadalajara you also got a Taco!

Unfortunately by the time I got there the food had been out for a while so it had gotten cold.  The chicken had been simply roasted with a little bit of seasoning and spice.  Despite it being legs and thighs it was very tender.  The meat was very moist and came easily off the bones.  The skin was ever so slightly crispy as well allowing a nice contrast to the softness of the flesh.


The potatoes had been roasted in what seemed to be like a tomato based pesto.  They were new potatoes with their skins still on, this allowed the skins to go crispy.  They had been cooked to a correct texture, they hadn’t fallen apart.  The tomato sauce was slightly spicy which gave the potatoes a bit of kick.

The vegetables which consisted of green beans and carrots had obviously been steamed for only a few minutes.  They were still very crunchy and had lots of colour.  The salad had a wide variety of leaves and were very fresh.  The tomato could have been a bit more flavoursome.

Despite being cold it was still a very nice meal, and I’m sure it would have been even better when it was hot.

Next we look for something on the road to Coachella.


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