A little taster of Coachella by Leks
April 19, 2009, 8:37 pm
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This is the view from where we were standing:

coachella from stage


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This is incredible. Was it while you were on stage, or was it a different show?

Comment by Kyle


Comment by Jasmine

Did you take a picture of a picture?

Comment by Nick


Comment by Miles

It was the only way i could think of to transfer polaroid onto computer!
That was taken just before we played. I think Ollie has some good ones from the actual show, which are bound to make it onto here at some point.


Comment by Leks

that’s so awesome. it’s too bad wordpress automatically resizes these pics… thanks aleks!

Comment by Trung

That amount of people would make me uncomfortable.

Comment by Julia

I was on the left hand side of the stage like 3 people from the front!

Comment by Shawn

I think I can see myself in the photo of the photo! Yay! You guys were the reason I went to Coachella because I was afraid it would be your only CA show and didn’t want to miss it! You were (well, still are) amazing!!

Comment by Lindsey

How postmodern!
Want to see you in concert badly, but was not able to attend Coachella. Someday…

Comment by Danielle

where did you get polaroid film? I ran out last month, and everywhere I see it, its super steep. $30 or more for a single pack.

Comment by Vanessa

yup i was there (mid right)…you rocked!!!!best performance @ coach!!! music fuels my life and you fuel music! thank you =)

Comment by Manuel Saldana

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