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April 21, 2009, 9:19 pm
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Coachella was the most fun I’ve ever had at a festival we played at, I think. I could write a massive list of all the lovely people I enjoyed hanging out with, and the bands that were great, and it would be really sickly, so instead, I’ll try to think of what negatives there were and stick them down here, then serve up some snaps.


  • Too many fucking liggers and industry people. Coachella has a system where if you are wealthy enough, you are important enough. So, within perfect view of the main stage, stands the frankly massive ‘VIP’ bar. Full of the vacuous and self-important, who barely moved except for to watch the headliners, mashed up against metal fencing, uninterested in joining the common festival goers in the main arena. Shame, because we’re much nicer.
  • Everywhere stank of meat. Barbecues everywhere. Right on Moz.
  • The girls wanted to go to this ‘gifting’ where there were apparently free clothes and stuff. As a result, I didn’t get to see Liars or Ariel Pink, but that was small fry compared to that THESE WERE THE WORST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. All cocaine beach bodies and sneering. Have you ever read Less Than Zero? It felt like that. All very seedy, rich kid central and all with a bit of a paedoy undercurrent. Not cool. (I wouldn’t have minded so much if there was anything free worth having) (Actually, I did see the racist Indian guy off Flight Of The Conchords, so not so bad).


  • So many beautiful people. Make me suicidal. Yknow in South Park where Kenny has his school photo taken with his arse coming out of his hood, causing Cartman to blow his funny fuse? Well, I feel kinda like that.
  • Oh yeah, and after we played our set I tried to do a celebratory knee slide, but the ground was really dry and I took all the skin off my knee. The rest of the day I was too drunk to feel it hurt, but the next day I woke up stuck to my bed sheets, with a pussy leg and so got it all bandaged up and stuff. Meant I limped the rest of the weekend. Didn’t get much sympathy either 😦

But yes, I had a really good time. The best time. Thank you for having us. We’d love to come back one day.


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Thank You for coming all the way to the hot desert and entertaining us the way you did! You were truly a highlight of my 3 days. I had so much fun seeing all of you have so much fun on stage. You had so much energy and smiled a ton like you really wanted to be there. When I saw the conflict between you and The Hold Steady, I was bummed I’d miss all but the last 10 minutes of their set, but I’m positive I made the right choice. My wife claims she got a headache when Ollie’s bum hit her in the head at the end of SDSC. She got over it quickly.

As for your negatives, all I have to say is that’s what you get for hanging out in the VIP areas. Next time, throw on your hats & sunglasses and enjoy the euphoria that Coachella is with the 99 44/100% of the attendees who are nice & cool and just there for a real good time.

Comment by PlayaDelWes

I WAS in the field! I ain’t no VIP.
See: “Shame, because we’re much nicer.”

WE, as in YOU AND ME!!

Comment by Gareth

binary solo: 00000010000001100000011100001111


Comment by radical belly button

Oh, but you are so much more beautiful than Kenny’s butt…

How’s the new album coming along? Any finished tracks? Thanks for saving indie rock from lame, self-indulgent pretension.

Comment by Nick

That indian guy is named Aziz Ansari. He’s a pretty good stand-up comedian and has a sketch show called Human Giant.

Any chance we could get the sickly happy write up too?

Mucho sympathy for the knee (balanced against massive evny for your being at Coachella, obviously).

Comment by Miles

You are beautiful so don’t be suicidal!
I heard you guys were amazing…would have much rather been there then up here in Seattle for sure.

Comment by Jasmine

I felt rather unbeautiful myself that weekend.

Comment by Shawn

Shut yer mouth, Gareth – you are beautiful.

Comment by Julia

awesome, hope you guys had fun. also, those pictures look like they have the potential to be awesome, if they weren’t so small…

Comment by Trung

Hi guys! It’s me, Lucia, writting right from my bed cause last night left me quite a hangover. I promissed Gareth I’d post the spanish and english lyrics of the songs we sang last nite. Here they are!

Ole ole ole
ole ole ole ola
ole ole ole
cada día te quiero más.
Es un sentimiento,
no puedo parar!

Which means:

Ole ole ole
ole ole ole ola
ole ole ole
every day I love you more.
It’s a feeling
I can’t stop.

Still, I think I remember someone already had translated for you guys. Well, now you have it written, yey!

It was really really amaizing having you guys here in Buenos Aires, not just beacuse of the great show you guys did, but also because of what came afterwards! You’re wonderfull not only as musicians but as people too.

Thank you so much for such an amaizing night. We’ll be waiting for your return! You left this morning and we miss you already!

Comment by Lucia

thanks for coming to argentina!
it was awesome.
a great show by great people.
i hope you’ll come often.
good luck on touring!

Comment by julia

don’t deny yr beauty gareth.

Comment by nede

thank you thank you thank you for an absolutely killing set…the highlight of Friday for me! i walked over to see the hold steady, but your magnet pulled me back in time for the closer-priceless!!
p.s. it’s a whole different festival out among the madding crowd…when you come back, join us…
(although your backstage snaps make me giggle)

Comment by waj

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