Festival News. by Gareth
April 21, 2009, 5:52 pm
Filed under: WHEAT

We are very excited to be able to say we are playing at Lollapalooza this coming August. In 2007 we played our first ever US show at the event, so it’s going to be great to go back. We met M.I.A.. It looked like this:

And we were so much younger and fresher looking then:

Also, we have had a fair few inquiries from people asking if we are playing Reading/Leeds/Glastonbury etc. I think it’s safe to say we will not be playing any UK Festivals this Summer. Sorry to disappoint anyone.


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this is win
a friend showed me the lineup and i think i may have soiled my undergarments.

definitely won’t miss you guys a second time around in Chicago.

hope coachella was amazing and crazy as it looked

Comment by steven

What would also be really awesome is if you guys could book a local show around the same time. I know there were exclusivity issues on this tour, but I know that last year the Whigs and Broken Social Scene played Lolla as well as smaller local gigs (and other acts may have as well). BSS played the Metro the same night they played Lolla and it was incredible.

Comment by Seitz

So happy you are playing

Comment by Vanessa

you reckon your gonna be playing new york leading up to lollapoloza?

Comment by Patrick

When you return to North America for Lollapalooza please make a pit stop in Montreal. We love your band. I promise to bring more bagels Ellen.

Comment by Domenic

I enjoy (what appears to be) Neil’s blatant ogling of M.I.A. in that picture.
Great news about Lollapalooza. I hope I can make it to that (and P4K, and APW).

Comment by Julia

Hot damn, to see you guys 3 times in less than a year would be amazing. Might just have to take the trip to Chicago for Lolla this year..

Comment by Angela

Ugh, that hair again, gareth!! damn am i jealous of that^^ person

Comment by Trung

damn it! i was nurturing hopes you guys might be lured down to australia for splendour in the grass. all the cool kids are going. it’s so disheartening, living so far away. no one comes to visit

Comment by madeleine

Please come back to England at some time this year?! It has been just over a year since I last got to see you!

Comment by Reece

Come back to Hillside, kids. That would be wicked.

Comment by Yaz

Mysterious Yaz person, are you also from Guelph?

Comment by Julia

Julia – no, je suis from Toronto, but have been an avid Hillsider for years!

Comment by Yaz

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