April 22, 2009, 11:23 pm
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Ole ole ole
ole ole ole ola
ole ole ole
cada día te quiero más.
Es un sentimiento,
no puedo parar!

Thanks for having us. Last night was awesome. That was one of the most fun evenings we’ve had EVAH.


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thank you very much for the show.
Hope to see you again!

Comment by andreslash

i went to see you last night guys! it was amazing, thanks to you thanks to us (the audiencie haha) we make a great conecction on and off stage…unfortunatly (this is hoy you spell it ? :P) i had college the other day and i missed going out with you people. just wanted to thank you “toda la buena onda” = all you cared for us (?) (i dont know how to say it in english). ps: don call yourselves “ignorant people”. cheers !

Comment by lucas

Thank you for coming to Buenos Aires! Hope you come back soon (september 1st, according to aleks). But seriously the show was amazing and you where super nice after, it was great going to that bar with you and realize that you werent just wonderful musicians but wonderful people aswell.
Buenos Aires loves you!

Comment by Gonzalo

Gracias campesinos por ser tan copados!!! los quiero mucho, vuelvan pronto! La proxima vamosa jugar al futbol y ver a boca y salimos de joda! graciasssssssss


Thanks campesinos for being so cool and nice with us! I love you, next time you come you should go to play football, watch a Boca match and hong out again!
Thanks again!

Comment by Fran

it was great to see you guys last night! it was amazing the conection thatyou reached with the audience. we are all friends like gareth said =). unfortunatly (this is how you spell it ? :P) i miss the after show, i had to go to college the other day…i hope to see you other day in our country, i’ll be patient. muchas gracias por toda la buena onda campesinos! keep it thaht way !

Comment by lucas

It was great having you guys here in buenos aires. You should come here more often
hope you enjoy you enjoy the fernet.
Gareth: Did you get any soccer shirt?

Comment by toto

thank YOU guys!! i’ll never forget about last night and hopefully you won’t either.
come back soon 😀

Comment by miguel

and buenos aires loves YOU! 🙂

ole ole ole oleeeeee campeeeee-sinoos!

Comment by caro

buenos aires is my favorite city that i’ve never visited 😦

Comment by ryanrainey

thanks for last night campesinos! it was one of the best gigs (surely the most fun), i´ve ever had!
oh and thank you gareth for signing EVERYTHING i gave you with a tedious but perseverant repetition of my complicated name ‘ramiro’.


Comment by rachi

please come back soon, amazing show 🙂

Comment by cesar

que lindo! looks like a good evening in Argentina

Comment by Jasmine

cant believe you guys were in argentina and did not stop in sao paulo. its like up the road! bollox. I would have loved to see your gig. will there be a next time?

Comment by graz

i really enjoy everything, before the show, during, after. you are so so so cool and it worthed all i had to do to get there.
hope to see you again *.*

Comment by laura

It was great! Hope you come back soon. At least on a thursday, that way the night can go on until around 7 am…

Comment by Faco

the best time for us ever as well

Comment by julia

What more can I say? It was one of the best shows I have ever attended in my fucking life. I was just in front of Aleks and she couldn’t understand what was going on… all that people singing like if they were in La Bombonera watching a Boca’s match. Gareth, with Tom and Neil playing with the crowd, Ellen complaining about the sound (hahaha) and Harriet playing the violin, that was amazing. I hope you come back in a short time, guys!

Comment by Nicolás

excellent show, thank you very much
again please!

Comment by Luli

Holy shit, What if you guys were met with an original song about how much we love you in every city in which you tour (or could potentially tour)?? Time to start a fad among bands, guys!! You can brag about being the first band to have your audience compose and perform a song for you at your concert. That would be so sweet!

Comment by grunt

cam-pe-sinos! cam-pe-sinos! cam-pe-sinos! cam-pe-sinos! cam-pe-sinos!

inolvidable show!

Comment by serfo

fucking amazing! can’t remember when was the last time i had so much fun at a show.
Please do come back soon!!

Comment by Paula

You solemnly kicked ass last nite!!!… plus, it was super cool that you stayed and signed t-shits, tickets and whatnots. Whish I could´ve stayed for that after-show party or at least the walk that shows in the video.

ps. aleks, nevermind the fact that you are gougeous and you have such a lovely voice; it was so nice talking to you, plus you`re super sweet.

Comment by Emilio

an LC soccer style chant? I think you fans need to travel north – we need you. So awesome.

Comment by Julia

God! I had the chance to tell all of you in person, but it must be told to the whole world: the was a real big party, unforgettable, I was in the front row and it was just… amazing!
We want you back, soon! We love you!

Comment by Rod

Hey Fellas! Hope u’re grand today. I’m still so fuckin excited despite the fact that I had not even slept 4 hs in the last 48 hs. Lol* I just wanna say thank so fuckin much for everyth u did last nite. It was perfect to me! I had some much fun. U just fuckin rock.
Garreth and Neil: I hope u’ll use my deorant, now it’s yours (I even wrote sth on it… Lol* I feel so stupid! Lol* probably we all were merry coz of the spirits).
Neil: you also asked me and my friends to sign the art for u… if any voc query, just let me know, Aleks will get my email within the next 48 hs.
Aleks: It was a pleasure to walk you to the hotel. We had some much fun along with Miguel. I’ve never thought that you’d ask me to take you to the hotel but it was ok for me so Miguel had to take the walk… Lol* we women rock! 🙂 I think I’ll have some info ready by the wkn and then according to the likes of you and your brother, I can develop a deeper research in the fields you find + interested.
Tom: It was a pity u left the pub and I couldn’t say g-bye.
Ellie, Harriet and Ollie… u know that u simply rock!
Thanks for everyth! Hope I see u guys soon somewhere in the world (here or in Europe).

Hope u have an excellent time in Caracas,


PauLie 🙂

Comment by PauLie (Paula)

[…] ms cosas en la red sobre el evento. Por ejemplo fotos, algunas notas, algn que otro videito, o un post en el blog oficial de Los Campesinos! con video includo paseando por la ciudad despus del recital […]

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Hola! Hice una crónica acá.

Hi Everybody, made a Spanish review here.

Comment by Mike de Placard

Thank you Campesinos!! The show was amazing!! It was a perfect night!! =D

Love, Magda!

Comment by Magda

Hey guys!!! OMFG, I can’t stop laughing, the video is amaizing!… I was kindda drunk allready, I think you can tell it from my face xD

Once again, it was great having you here. I’m so glad you guys have enjoyed it as much as we did!

And for all the other fans that were there too, it was great meeting you too! Hope we can repeat it!!

Comment by Lucia

Como se dice “bootleg” en español? I think LC! should record the next South American tour.

Comment by Julia

the other night was sick!
probably one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. I loved the fact that you guys were off stage selling albums and tees it was great!
hope to see you again soon

Comment by francisquito

hey lc! thank you very much for coming to buenos aires, a city so far away from yours not knowing what to expect. It was seriously the best fucking show EVER. Too bad I missed the clubbing later, seemed fun. Best of luck hope to see you again here, (with JForeigner together!).
Thanks Aleks for the pick! love you.

Comment by francisco.

Hey guys, i think Tuesday was the best fucking night of my life. I still cant believe what a great show you played, it was certainly awesome. We will expecting your return and i think we all here want to see the video Aleks recorded during Y! M! D! haha. Anyways, thank you so very much for giving us such an amazing night we wont ever forget

Comment by Marcos

Buenos Aires review at
And some more pictures in this week in

Hugs, campesinos! Love you!

Comment by Rod

Boys, the emotion of the show I come near to the heart, return soon! Your music this in my days always..
Have they desire of returning?


Comment by Cristian

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