Food Review – Coachella Festival 17/04/09 by Ollie
April 23, 2009, 11:44 pm
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Festival catering is probably the area that I enjoy the most about festivals. If you’re playing during the afternoon you can look forward to a nice dinner. There’s nothing better than coming off stage, packing up the gear and then going to tent full of amazing food. It’s a great way to see what other bands eat!
We had both lunch and dinner. We could have had breakfast but we arrived too late.
Lunch was a selection of salads, cold cuts, pasta and bread. I went for some turkey, which despite it looking not that great, it was very tasty. It had the texture of turkey rather than sandwich turkey. The homestyle potato salad was a surprise. Potato salad in the States so far has been very different from British potato salad, but this had the consistency of British potato salad. It was good chunks of potato, it also had red onion in which gave it some colour and flavour. I helped myself to some cabbage which was crunchy and some carrot that had been grated a bit too much. There wasn’t that much flavour to it. I had some garlic bread also which looked like it had been homemade and was very garlicy.


Dinner was salmon with a mango glaze.  The salmon was juicy with plenty of colour to it.  The mango glaze was sweet and went well with the salmon.  It was a light dish which is perfect for the heat of Coachella.  Along with it I had some roasted cauliflower, which was crunchy but not so much that it had lost it’s flavour.  I had some asparagus which had been grilled and was very flavoursome.  To keep up my healthy day I had some salad.


Cheese is something that isn’t the best in America, but today they had a cheese plate which had some Brie and some Camembert.  They were both very creamy and along with a few crackers was the perfect way of the ending my dinner.

Keep your eyes out for a special festival food rating blog in the near future.


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