OMG by Gareth
April 24, 2009, 5:47 pm
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jajajajajaja, superb pic! :D, El pibe!

Comment by Freddy


Sometimes random people in the streets scream at me: “VALDERRAMA!!”

Comment by Cheky

Jajajajajajaja, todo bien todo bien

Comment by jaime

Is Gareth trapped behind there? Is this like when Homer got both his arms stuck in vending machines and imagined the rest of his life where he could dispense candy+soda for all? Los Campesinos!’s Proper Second Album: Ways To Make It Through The Wall (where I’m stuck behind a vending machine that looks like it has that cool old Colombian goalkeeper on it)?

I shouldn’t check my googlereader after I’ve started drinking. 🙂

Comment by S. Pooley

The vision that Margarita’s marketers had in recognizing that Valderrama’s hair cut and color bears more than a passing resemblance to the color and shape of their company logo/product rivals the field vision of this footballing hero.

Oh, to make another Simpson’s reference, it’s rather like when Homer discovers he’s Mr. Sparkle in Japan.

Comment by Eric


Comment by Mike de Placard

ha, at first i thought gareth’s pic was on the vending machine pushing chips as well.

Comment by Trung

I always appreciate a good fro…natural!! jaja

Comment by dwight k. schrute

haha this is too good

Comment by tess

jajajaj guys you are the best!!!!!

We love your show!!! thanks for everything!!!!
and thanks for my t-shirt!!!! I love it!
Colombia ❤ you!

Comment by Juan Camilo

“If you’re having fun with a chicken and a potato then you’re having Margarita” You should check out the TV adds too!

HAHAHHAHAHA great pic!

Comment by Adri

hehehe nice pic!

And also, the show last night was AWESOME! Thanks for coming, best experience ever!

Comment by nomeacuerdo

Gold. I wonder if Tom was trying to mimic Valderrama’s facial expression.. in any case, someone should probably Photoshop an afro on his head.

Comment by Julia

[…] blog oficial de Los Campesinos! pueden ver recuerdos de su visita en […]

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